Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Forbidden - Angels Amongst Us by Linn B Halton

Forbidden: Angels Among Us book 2 packshot

What They Say:

“I’m in a tunnel—it’s dark and yet little rays, like pinpricks of sunshine breaking through foliage, seep towards me from every angle.”

Love is a powerful emotion, but can it change the course of someone's destiny?

This is a romance story that explores the possibility of there being something more than just the 'here and now'.

Part 2 in the Angels Among Us series.

Coming soon…
Angels Among Us: Forever

What I Say 

I would like to thank Linn for sending me a copy of this book in exchange for an honest and fair review.

I first met Ceri and Alex in Falling - Angels Amongst Us and found I really liked both characters in this book. 

I couldn't wait to read this book and get back into Ceri and Alex's world.  I sat down on a Sunday and I can say I wasn't let down, I didn't stop reading till I had finished this book.  Linn really did take these character forward.  Ceri finding out that her destiny is mapped out for her, how long did they have together and could they be truly happy, this books still leaves these questions unanswered. Therethere are a couple of plot twists around Alex I didn't expect.

I liked that other characters from the first book that were back, Ceri's best friend Sheena and I was so glad her brother Seb was back.  There are new characters that I feel will play a major part in the continuing story of Ceri and Alex.  Can't wait for book 3 as again Linn left us wondering what will happen and where there life would go.

5 out of 5 stars


  1. Thank you so much for the lovely review, Jo! It's been such fun writing this series and although originally I planned only three parts, I now think there might be a part four! It was also fun leaving each part on a 'cliff-hanger' - I enjoyed the challenge, as I hadn't written novellas before. But all the questions you have will be answered in part 3, promise!

    1. Thanks Linn for your lovely comment and all your tweets yesterday. Cant wait for book 3 and now book 4. xx

  2. Four!!! Oooh, fab! Well done, Linn, on this fab review. Jo, I totally agree. My heart broke for Seb in 'Falling'. So glad to see him back. :)

    1. Hi Sheryl thanks for you lovely comment. Mine to re Seb and was so glad he was back. Looking forward now to books 3 and 4 xx

  3. Hi Jo - and thanks for starting up a book blog! I have this book on my Kindle and I loved the first in the 'Angels' series so I'm keen to read 'Forbidden' as well and the next in this series. xxx

    1. Hi Janice, thanks for your comment. I hope you enjoy 'Forbidden' as much as I did xx