Friday, 20 December 2013

Last Christmas by Talli Roland

What They Say:
Last Christmas, Lucy was dumped by her long-term boyfriend, Robert. This year, she plans to abandon all the festivities and hole herself up in her studio flat with a bottle of cheap wine. But when she runs into Robert - and his fiancée - and he announces he is getting married on Christmas Day, Lucy finds herself telling a little white lie. She can't let Robert know she is spending the day alone, so tells him she is hosting a huge party.

Once Lucy's work colleague, Mimi finds out, she runs with the idea and Lucy finds herself planning a spectacular party. The party planning helps to take Lucy's mind off the disastrous last Christmas and she begins to wonder if she is finally ready to move on.

I was recommended this novella, as I was struggling with picking what to read.

The book follows Lucy on the lead up to Christmas. 12 months after she disasterously decided to propose to her partner Robert.  Lucy is like the rest of us trying to make the best of a situation after having her heartbroken, the hardest part is moving on.....

What I Say:
After bumping into Robert this gives her the courage and determination to move on, Robert comes across as self centred, but it turns out he was as devastated by their split as Lucy was.   

Lucy meets James while selling a watch to afford her Xmas day party, (think I will dig out some jewelry to sell, it's worth a shot if they are all as nice as James), in the short time between meeting and Christmas there are plenty of ups and downs.

I love the fact Lucy gets bossed about by her assistant and the obvious friendship they have. It was a nice feel good Christmas book.

I loved this novella and Talli's writing really makes the time fly when you are reading, I will be picking up some more of Talli's books. If you want a nice, quick  feel good Christmas read then this is it.

4 out of 5 stars

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