Monday, 2 December 2013

Take a Look at Me Now by Miranda Dickinson

I am so happy to have a guest review from the wonderful Emma Louise, thank you for agreeing to let me post this on your behalf.


Nell Sullivan has always been known as ‘Miss Five-Year Plan’. But when she finds herself jobless and newly single on the same day, Nell decides it is time to stop planning and start taking chances. Nell blows her redundancy cheque on a trip of lifetime to a place where anything is possible – San Francisco. There she meets a host of colourful characters, including the intriguing and gorgeous Max. Very soon the city begins to feel like Nell’s second home. But when it’s time to return to London, will she leave the ‘new Nell’ behind? And can the magic of San Francisco continue to sparkle thousands of miles away?


First of all, thank you to Jo for kindly allowing my review to be on her blog.

This is the first Miranda Dickinson novel which I have read and let me tell you, it won't be the last. It was absolute perfection. Nell is a very strong, likeable character who the readers immediately feel close to. Throughout the novel, she grows as a person and once the narrative ends, it's as if she's flown from the nest. Nell and Lizzie who are cousins were just a dream to read. Their friendship was more like sisterhood and I didn't want them to be apart. 

The narrative allows you to believe that you can achieve anything if you work hard enough. I'm so pleased for Nell and the fact that she's an independent woman who allows her career to come before finding love. It's a brilliant message to send out to young readers. 

I'm definitely team Max, however, I did like Aidan... But Max broke my heart, but then it mended it... AHHH! I can't possibly choose.

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After reading this wonderful review I can't wait to read this book.  Thanks again Emma xx

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