Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Here Come The Boys by Milly Johnson

What They Say:

An exclusive ebook short story from top ten bestseller, Milly Johnson. Also includes a sneak peek of her new novel The Teashop on the Corner.

Angie Silverton and her husband are taking a much-needed holiday on the cruise ship Mermaidia, so the last person she hopes to bump into is her one-time best friend Selina who stole the love of her life and married him twenty years ago.

And what she needs even less is to be marooned in Malaga with Selina when both of them manage to miss boarding the ship in port. 

It will take three days for them to travel across Europe to catch up with the ship again in Croatia. And in the company of each other twenty-four/seven, a lot of old baggage is going to be unloaded. 

Praise for Milly Johnson:

'Bursting with warmth and joie de vivre' JILL MANSELL

'Warm, optimistic and romantic' KATIE FFORDE

'An irresistibly feel-good read' JANE COSTELLO

What I Say:

I know I don’t always mention the cover of a book but I loved this cover, just as much as I loved the story.

We meet Angie as she is about to go on a cruise with her husband, although she loves him, she can’t help seeing her first love Zander through rose tinted glasses, as he was stolen from her by her then best friend Selina.

Milly has a mix of wonderful characters in this short story and you get to know a little bit about them all  even down to the annoying couple you always manage to meet on holiday and I'm so glad he was told where to get off.  Angie accidentally 
 misses the boat in Malaga and unbeknownst to her so has Selina, the story follows their journey, not only back to the ship but to discoveries about each other and their friendship.  This is a lovely heartwarming story, as sometimes this grass isn’t always greener on the other side.

I found this a thoroughly feel good read and was sad but also happy when it ended, as I said before would love a longer version of this book.  I can’t wait to start the next book of Milly’s The Teashop on the Corner.

5 out of 5 stars

Jo xx

About the Author

Milly Johnson was born, raised and still lives in Barnsley, South Yorkshire. As well as being an author of 10 published novels, a book of short stories and a novella, she is also a copywriter for the greetings card industry, a joke-writer, a columnist, after dinner speaker, poet and a sometimes BBC radio presenter.

She wrote her first book 'Judith in the Land of Buns, Biscuits and Cakes' whilst still at school - an opus that remains tragically unpublished. It was only when a ex-boss called Barnsley 'A Joke Town' that she resolved to write a book about Barnsley folk and to show that the town is actually quite a nice, friendly place to grow up and live in.

She writes about love, life, friendships, rather nice food and a little bit of the magic that sometimes crops up in real life. 

When not writing, she is usually shouting at her two teenage sons to put things AWAY, watching Jeremy Kyle or being walked by her Eurasier dog Teddy, who also has a column in the local paper and gets paid more than she does.

Milly's website is  HYPERLINK "http://www.millyjohnson.co.uk" www.millyjohnson.co.uk. 

She is on Twitter @millyjohnson and 
FB www.facebook.com/milly.johnson1 
 was longer as I wanted to follow them through the full cruise.

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  1. I've read this story a few days ago and loved it! Great review of a wonderful book!