Monday, 14 July 2014

In Starlight by February Grace

What They Say:

"In Starlight– the eagerly anticipated sequel to OF STARDUST!”

Their wish was sealed…was their fate? Young Fairy Godfather Gus Duncan is living his clan’s unfortunate family motto— Learn to Suffer — to a greater degree than he ever dreamed. The woman he loves is withering away beneath the burden of memory, of one perfect night with him she was supposed to forget.

Facing a reality he never imagined, he must make the decision of his life: shatter the most sacred rule in the fairy code, or lose his beloved Till forever. Can true love save her when even magic fails?

What I Say:

I would like to thank Wendy at Booktrope and February Grace for sending me a copy of this in exchange for a fair and honest review.

We catch up with Gus and Till after the end of the first book where Gus had his one true wish granted.  The book is told from Gus’s point of view which was refreshing as Of Stardust was told from Till’s point of view.

Gus is trying desperately to keep his feelings under control as he doesn’t want Till to know what has happened between them.  As Till grows more distant Gus begins to wonder why, especially as she begins to forget things.

Gus and Till are really lovely main characters, I found myself liking them more and more.

This is a really great story about fairy godparents, I really liked the characters in the first book and I grew to love them more in this.  I was really shocked that one of the characters turned out to be so evil, but I won’t spoil the book by telling you who this is, you need to read it to find out.

I love Bru’s books and would recommend them to anyone who likes a fantasy with added romance.

5 out of 5 stars

Author Bio:

February Grace is a writer, artist, and poet who lives in Southeastern Michigan.  She sings on key, plays by ear, and is more than mildly obsessed with colors, clocks, and meteor showers.

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