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Interview with Kate Wrath

Today I would like to welcome Kate Wrath.

Hi Kate


Welcome to Cometbabesbooks.


Can you tell us about E?

Sure!  E is a dystopian adventure about a girl who has lost absolutely everything.  She’s plunged into the dark world of Outpost Three without so much as the knowledge of her own name.  I don’t want to say too much about what happens, but E is the story of hertrials and triumphs.  It’s about identity, true family, the bonds of friendship, and love.  All of these things are wrapped up in a tense plot with plenty of twists and turns.  It’s a page-turner, but one that will make you laugh and cry.  


I love the cover, can you tell us who designed it?

I did!  I worked on it for days.  At some points, I really didn’t think I was going to pull it off, but it all came together in the end.  


Can you tell us where you get the inspiration for your main characters?

I honestly have no idea.  It’s like lighting a flame and watching it grow.  They reveal themselves to me.  They must come from my subconscious.  That said, I do have characters in other books who were inspired by friends.  Well, one in particular.  And one that was inspired by my husband.  As for the characters in E, they all grew on their own.


What books do you like to read?

I have always tended toward sci-fi and fantasy, but I love stories that have a little of everything.  I don’t really read romances, but I’m usually disappointed if a story doesn’t have any romance.  I also love reading classics, though sometimes that feels like work.  The older I get, the broader my reading tastes get.  I think the biggest thing is a book needs to be well-written.  If I pick up a book and I’m bored on the first page, I probably won’t read it.  I just don’t have enough time for that.  I like books that are intelligent and use subtle literary devices.  For me writing is an art form, and I really appreciate when an author has the finesse to weave a story in an intricate way.  One example that I’ve recently read is Markus Zuzak’s The Book Thief.  I could not get enough of that book.  I also love when a book makes me cry.  When I read The Fault in Our Stars I had to shut myself in the bedroom for the second half of the book, because I was not just crying, but sobbing loudly.  And then, right now I’m trying to read more books by other indie authors to help support the movement.


If your book was made into a film, who would you have as the main characters?

This was the hardest question for me, because I really don’t have time to watch much tv or many movies, so I had no idea who I would cast.  You know, if I wastruly casting my own movie, I would probably want all the actors to be unknowns.  But, that being said, I think Eden would have a Kate-Beckinsale-in-Underworld vibe, but younger.  And maybe Matt would be someone like Jake Gyllenhaal?  I didn’t come up with anyone for my other main characters.  I don’t know.  You really shouldn’t ask me questions like this. That’s why they have directors!  


Are there any new authors that have grabbed your interest?

I’m always on the lookout for new things to read.  There’s a long list of things that I wouldn’t consider to be new.  But as far as new to me, I read the excerpt (but not the book, yet) of Beem Week’s Jazz Baby, and I really enjoyed it.  That is definitely on my to-read list.  Also, I’ve recently made friends with author Nicola S. Dorrington, and, though I haven’t read her book yet, I will be doing that very soon.  Her current book, The Last Knight, is a modern YA take on the Arthur legend.  I love when authors weave in mythology.  And then she has a new book coming out in a couple of weeks, Chasing Freedom—something about werewolves.  I can’t wait.

As a writer, do you think bloggers help sell more books?

Absolutely.  It’s really difficult to get a book out there.  Even harder if you’re an indie author.  I greatly appreciate all the bloggers (yourself included, Jo) that have helped me to reach new readers.  


Is it hard to write the synopsis for a book?

It’s so hard.  Imagine trying to condense over a hundred thousand words into one little paragraph.  Also, I really struggle between wanting to present my prospective readers with enough information, and spoiling what will actually happen.  Sometimes I feel it’s like this:  Today’s movie trailers are great.  You watch one and you’re like, “Wow, that was awesome!”  Then you go see the movie and you realize you didn’t need to watch it because you watched the trailer!  I really don’t want to do that to my readers, so I think my synopsis is very vague.  I want to give my prospective readers a hint of the flavor of my book without ruining the experience.  I really believe that part of the art of story-telling is how you meet the character, how you learn about the character’s situation.  Often my stories reveal things gradually, and no, you’re not supposed to know at the beginning.  So I would say, if you think my story might be something you want to read, try the free excerpt.  Once you read that you will know if you want to read on or not.


What is your favourite book and why?

Right now I am still pretty stuck on The Book Thief.  It was beautifully written, and it really inspired me.  I wanted to write something that amazing.  It wasn’t just the story, but the language.  The way the puzzle fit together.  The little taunts from the narrator that made me think I knew what was going to happen.  Awesome, awesome book.


Can you share a day in the life of Kate Wrath?

I get up really early so I can get in as much writing as possible.  Then, inevitably, I write longer than I should, so I rush to get ready for work and grab lunch on the way out the door.  I go pretend to be an artist for a while.  At lunch, I usually do something related to my writing—research, or sketching cover design ideas, or jotting down a few lines.  When I get home, it’s all typical domestic stuff.  We always sit down and eat dinner together as a family.  The evening is family time.  Depending on the night, I’ll usually spend some time writing before bed.  Then I do it all again.  On days I’m not working I spend a lot more time writing.  Usually eight hours at least.  So there’s not a lot of down time.  I could literally write ten hours a day, though, and be perfectly happy.  I can’t wait until I get to a point when writing gets to be my “job”.  That’s the dream.


Thank you for answering my questions.


Jo xx


Thank you for having me, Jo.  

About The Kate Wrath

Kate Wrath lives in the Southwestern US.  Much like other authors, she has both a [family] and a [pet].

[family = three crazy-but-lovable, exceedingly adorable people with longer eyelashes and better sense of humor than Kate]

[pet =lovable-but-crazy giant German Shepherd who pretends not to understand only when something is required of him]

Kate is the author of E, the first book in a dystopian series, and two fantasy novels that are soon to be released.

Kate believes in literature as an art form, world peace, and animal rights, but aspires to write total trash that is full of senseless violence, with characters who eat house pets.

 Twitter: @KateWrath




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