Friday, 8 August 2014

Books and Holidays Guest Post by Jackie McKay

Today I would like to welcome my friend Jackie McKay with her Books and Holdays Guest Post.

Reading and Holiday in the sun go together
I am one of those people who won’t pick a book up for ages but when I do I can’t stop reading, and I can get through loads of books within a week.  However, I always read on holiday, and deciding what books to take on holiday is as important to me as making up a music play list to take on holiday.  I have a kindle now (bog standard one but thinking of getting a Kindle Fire), which means I can choose my books while I’m researching my holiday destination.  
I have an eclectic choice in books.  From the Kite Runner (which is one of my favourite books) and The book Thief to books by Stephen King and James Herbert to Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children by Ramson Riggs. The latter was a strange story but very enjoyable.

I also tend to buy books after I have watched a film, because the books are always much better than the film.  I read Q&A (Slum Dog Millionaire) by Vikas Swarup on my last cruise in January 2014.  I also read Doctor Sleep by Stephen King which is the sequel to The Shining, despite being 37 years difference. The Shining is one of my favourite Stephen King books and Dr Sleep more than did The Shining justice and met my expectations.  I’m sure Dr Sleep will be made into a film and I will be there at the first showing.  I had read these two books by the middle of the cruise, but fortunately for me, the ship had a library so I managed to get another book which did me until the end of the cruise.
There is nothing better than getting yourself comfortable on your sun bed and reading.  After a while I put the book down and just lie in the sun and listen to my music.  Then I pick the book up again and start reading, and so it goes on until I’ve had enough sun and make my way back to the room (or cabin if I’m on a cruise), lie on the bed and continue to read.
I’m looking for books to take on holiday in June.  I’ve already downloaded Ghost Girl which featured on Jo's blog, and I might go for Unlucky 13, the new book from James Patterson and Inferno by Dan Brown.  I’ll keep looking and just download them to my Kindle when I’ve decided.  Then when I get back from my holiday in June I’ll start looking for books for my holiday in September.
So it’s 17th May the hottest day of the year upto now, and I’ve been inspired to look for my kindle, (I always forget were I put it when I come Back from my holidays!!).  I managed to find it this time without much difficulty and it’s now on charge...It was as flat as a pancake.  I need to check Ghost Girl downloaded when I bought it over a month ago and I need to buy my other two books then I’m sorted for my cruise in June.
Its days like this when youre not at work, the sun is shining and it’s glorious day, that you just want to relax on a sunbed with a good read, and a cold drink.  Preferrably listening to the ocean and the hustle and bustle of everyone having fun on the beach or around the pool. 
Thank you Jackie for your wonderful guest post.

Jo xx

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