Tuesday, 5 August 2014

The Illicit Love of a Courtesan by Jane Lark

What They Say:
Trapped under the reign of a cruel keeper, Ellen Harding longs to be free. Under his oppression, her soul and conscience have died while her body lives on, fulfilling his dissolute desires. She is empty—a vessel—deaf to the voice of morality and blind to shame.

When her eyes are drawn to a beautiful man for no other reason than his looks, she imagines what it would be like to escape her chains for a night by giving her body to him.

But Edward Marlow is kind and gentle when he touches her, and her subconscious whispers, this man could be her salvation. Yet how can he help her when she has secrets which prevent her freedom?

Edward is restless, lonely, and a little angry with his lot in life—it is his only excuse for being drawn to another man’s mistress. The woman’s dark hair and pale eyes are striking, and he cannot take his gaze off her while she watches him over the top of a fan with an illicit intent in her eyes.

Once he’s known her, he cannot forget her, and once he’s seen the evidence of her supposed benefactor’s brutality, he wants to help her. But how can he when she will not run any more than she will speak of her past?

When a desperate Ellen finally relents and shocks Edward from his sleep, he doesn’t hesitate, he helps her flee. He just doesn’t know he’s running headlong into the secrets of her past.

What I Say:

We catch up with Ellen or first meet her depending on how you have read these books, she is now back in London and the mistress of Lord Gainsborough.

Ellen though has changed from the lovely young girl in The Lost Love of Soldier and is just surviving the best way that she knows how until she meets Edward.  They are instantly attracted to one and other. Could it be possible for Ellen to find love again after losing Paul in the war?

Little does Edward know how much under Lord Gainsborough’s control Ellen is under, they start a dangerous liaison that will endanger them both and others.

I love how this story weaves in and out, with other people becoming involved.  Ellen underneath is still the lovely girl of prequel and Edward is handsome gentleman and Ellen’s knight in shinning armour.

This is a throughly beautiful love story and all through I was hoping things would work our for Ellen and Edward.

This is again a thoroughly enjoyable romp through 19th Centuary England with 2 great characters and their family and friends.

5 out of 5 stars


  1. This book sounds really great. I don't read much historical romance, but this one is going on my wish list straight away :).

  2. Check out my reviews of these books all week x very addictive xx

  3. Thank you Jo, for this great review :-) I have this on my kindle so I might read it next! xx

  4. Thanks for reviewing all of them Jo, that is so amazing!!! I really appreciate you taking the time to read the whole series :D <3