Thursday, 18 September 2014

Guest Post Book Boyfriends/Hot Men in Books by Simona Elena

For my blogaversary I asked the question, Who is your Book Boyfriend/Hot Men in Books?  I have some wonderful posts to share, today Simona talks about her hot men.

The hottest man in a book?!

Oh well, I actually have a whole list of them and I wrote a blog post about it as well. The second post about my book boyfriends is already on it’s way ;).

Now, it’s getting difficult, if I have to pick only one, but I’ll try my best. 

Let me just tell you that Aven Ellis creates wonderful, sexy and just amazing man. The latest is called Deke Ryan, he appears in her newest novel Chronicles of a Lincoln Park Fashionista, out now!!!

Then there is Harrison fromWaiting For Prince Harry, he’s awesome, or do I have to say WICKED?! 

And last but not least we have William Cumberland from Connectivity. He’s my favourite out of all of my book boyfriends. First of all he’s totally my type: dark hair, blue eyes and nice body ;) I always image Henry Cavill for his character and Henry is just amazing. William Cumberland is a sexy and hot media mogul, but he’s also very caring and such a gentleman. And William is sexy, successful, funny, humorous, attentive, and passionate. I still can’t get him out of my head…

Thank You, I love Avens books too!

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