Thursday, 2 October 2014

Book Boyfriends/Hot Men in books

My Hot Men!

Where do I start, here’s where I go rambling on about hot men in books haha, you have got to love hot men!

I find with books I always fall for the slightly quirky character, if he’s too nice I don’t like him, having said that my Number One hot man is Nate (sorry you wont have met him yet he is in Aven Ellis new book) I will guarantee you will love him, he has chocolate brown eyes, a tattoo sleeve and a body to die for, he his gorgeous (I will stop now as I don’t want to give too much away).  All I will say is you have to read this book!

My number 2 hot man is again another of Aven’s leading men Harrison from Waiting for Prince Harry, Harrison was my number one until Nate came along. I really don’t know why I love Harrison so much, for one he is ginger and I don’t usually like ginger men,but he is the captain of a ice hockey team (the Dallas Demons) so very sporty with plenty of muscles, but most of all he is sensitive and caring, which I think is wonderful in a man.

Here is who I think would make a great Harrison:

I will mention some good guys who are smoking before going on to the bad boys who are good guys!

There’s Damon from Rebecca Raisins Gingerbread Café books, he’s smokin’ but underneath he is a really nice bloke.

There is Prince Caedom from AJ Nuest the Golden Key Chronicles, he is broodingly sexy and old fashioned in a lot of ways.

Harry from Holly Martins One Hundred Proposals.  Everyone likes Seth from Holly's Sentinal series, not me it's got to be Quinn, Eli or Lucas.

So I think I will talk about some bad boys that are really good guys.

There is Declan from Rae Rivers series The Keepers, he is bad ass protector but deep down he has a heart of gold, I know the main character male in these books is Archer but there is just something about Declans don’t give a toss attitude, he’s reckless yet has a caring side and that made me love him more, I can’t wait the final book in this series Ethan (not forgetting Archer and Ethan).

Then there are Asher and bad boy Gage, plus all the other hot males in Randi Cooley Wilson’s Revelation series.

In the words of Kirsy from Love of a Good Book I am book whore!

When I wrote this post I had forgotten all about the men in books I read when I was younger, Rupert Cambell-Black from Riders/Rivals by Jilly Cooper.  Also the very essence of a gentleman Rhett Butler from Gone With The Wind.

I hope you've enjoyed all the hot men posts and have entered my giveaway, this will be open for another couple of weeks.


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