Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Dead Romantic by Ruth Saberton

What They Say:

What do you do if you come face to face with a ghost? Put it down to a bump on the head and work stress if you’re a respected academic like Cleo Carpenter. With Christmas approaching, professional rivalry afoot and a best friend determined to interfere in her love life, the strain is clearly starting to get to her.

Guilt-stricken and deceased, Alex Thorne is desperate to make amends with his brother, Rafe, a tortured musician trapped in a spiral of destruction. When an encounter with Cleo forges a link between them she becomes his only hope. So what if the only person who can see him is a sceptic?

As Cleo starts to doubt her sanity, the safe world she takes for granted crumbles around her. Setting out to regain control and prove once and for all ghosts don’t exist, she embarks on a journey of self discovery and surprise, learning that love really does defy science, logic and maybe even death itself...

What I Say:

I would like to thank author Ruth Saberton for sending me a copy of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review.

I love the cover of this book as it sets the scene for what is a big part of the book.

The books stats Cleo or Cleopatra Carpenter waiting in a coffee shop for her friend Suzie, Cleo hates Christmas and there is a an annoying Christmas song playing, it’s the hit by Thorne,  One Christmas Kiss, little does Cleo realise the song is about her and a chance meeting 10 years ago.

A series of events lead Cleo to have an accident and bang her head, from this accident she starts to see the ghost of Alex Thorne, he turns up in the most unusual of places and Cleo starts to worry she is going mad.  Alex is a really great character, even for a ghost he is funny and the one liners he comes out with to Cleo had me laughing away.

Cleo I like straightaway she has suffered loss but she is down to earth and wouldn’t hurt anyone deliberately, shame the same can’t be said for Simon.

I also loved how Ruth described the museum Cleo worked in and the ghosts that live there, I could imagine it being just like that if we could see ghosts, I also liked how they were outraged at what was happening to Cleo and how they managed to help her.

This really is a feel good read with a twist. I love Ruth’s writing as I get so wrapped up in the characters from the very beginning.

Not only do you have a hot ghost in Alex you have his brother Rafe, who is just as hot.. 

About The Author

Ruth Saberton always knew she wanted to be a writer. From an early age she was busy filling note books with stories and rather than hero worshipping Wham and Duran Duran (which ages her!) Ruth's heroes were Jilly Cooper and Jackie Collins. Several attempts at bodice rippers later, Ruth turned her attention to romance and now focuses on writing romantic comedies. Her debut novel, 'Katy Carter Wants a Hero' was championed by Richard and Judy and nominated for the RNA's Romantic Comedy of the Year Award as well as being described by Heat Magazine as, 'the heir apparent to Bridget Jones'. Ruth writes under her own name, but also has several pen names which include Jessica Fox, Georgie Carter, Holly Cavendish and Lucy Hepburn. Her boyfriend says he has many women all rolled into one!

Ruth is published by Orion, Pan Macmillan, Harper Collins and Notting Hill Press. Although she loves the UK, Ruth now lives in the Caribbean where she continues to write romances, teen novels and planning that bodice ripper!

Ruth loves to to talk to her readers. Interact with her on her website www.ruthsaberton.co.uk on Twitter @ruthsaberton
or via Facebook www.facebook.com/ruthsabertonauthor(less)

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