Monday, 17 November 2014

A Girl Walks into A Blind Date by Helena S Paige

What They Say:

Exciting, empowering and brilliantly unique, this is the third title in the A Girl Walks… series from the publishers of Sasha Grey, which puts an enticing twist on erotic fiction: the chance for the reader to decide.

‘This is genius!’ Star

‘Next-gen erotica'Glamour

In a contemporary take on the classic ‘choose-your-own-adventure’ format, the reader is in complete control of the story. Right from the start, she picks the lovers, choses thenext venue – and is ultimately in charge of her romantic destiny for the evening. Fun, fresh and fearless, this is erotica with a difference: your fantasy, your rules.

Internet dating is a tricky game to play, but you've done your homework and narrowed down your list to three international men of mystery. All that's left to do now is meet them . . . 

* Will you head to Amsterdam to get hands-on with a bohemian sculptor?

* Or does the idea of adventure in New York City with a heroic fireman light your fire?

* There's also the impossibly handsome Italian count who sends you poetic praise from his palazzo in Venice . . .

Whichever way you decide to go, each twist and turn will lead to an unforgettable encounter. Can you choose the ultimate sensual experience? Remember: if your first choice doesn't hit the spot, then start over and try something (and someone) new. The power is entirely yours in this fully interactive, choose your own destiny novel.

What I Say:

I would like to thank Stephanie-Elise Melrose from Little Brown Book Company for sending me a copy of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review.

The book is written in the first person and the choices that are made are yours the reader.  The book is based on the choose your own adventure books that were around years ago. 

The story begins where you have the choice of three men that you have met through internet dating, one a fireman in New York, two is a Count and the third is an artist from Amsterdam.

The first time I read the story I was taking on a whirlwind trip to New York, every step of the story it was my choice as to what happens next.

This is the second of these erotic adventure books I have read and it's something that I feel I can read over again, choosing a different adventure everytime.  It's erotic fun that's my choosing

I know some readers don't like erotica, I'm not a big fan of books like Fifty Shades of Grey but these are fun easy reading that you can pick up and put down.

About the Author

Helena S. Paige is the pseudonym of three friends.Paige Nick is an award-winning advertising copywriter and novelist. She also has a weekly column in The Sunday Times in South Africa, which covers everything from sex and dating to general lunacy.Helen Moffett wears many hats: freelance writer, poet, editor, activist and academic, who has lectured as far afield as Trinidad and Alaska. She is also a cricket writer and flamenco fan. Sarah Lotz is a screenwriter and novelist with a fondness for fake names. She writes urban horror novels under the name S.L. Grey with author Louis Greenberg, and a YA series with her daughter, Savannah, under the pseudonym Lily Herne.

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