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#HIFortnight - Guest Post by Nikki Moore

Today for #HIFortnight, I am happy to bring to you a guest post by the lovely Nikki Moore

Writing the #LoveLondon Series

Hi Jo - thanks so much for your review and asking me to come and chat about the #LoveLondon series...

I’ve been more than honest on blogs and in interviews about how much work this series has been... a real labour of love. I call it this because although the challenge of ensuring continuity, timeline accuracy, and clear characterisation has at times made me want to sit rocking quietly in a corner somewhere, it has also been the most exciting, fun and satisfying writing project I have ever worked on. I’ve also been amazingly lucky with the overwhelmingly positive response readers and bloggers have had to the series. So, I’m not complaining J However, I’ve definitely learned a lot and wanted to share this learning with other writers or aspiring authors, which is why I wrote a post about the subject for the Women Writers, Women(s) Books website at http://t.co/yjnrD202SS

The #LoveLondon series was born out of me pitching my second full-length novel Picnics in Hyde Park (a romance wholly set in London)  to my lovely editor Charlotte, and her brilliant idea to write a number of London based short romances leading up to the novel. The idea has evolved a number of times, but we eventually settled on a linked series that would start at Christmas - Skating at Somerset House - with a story to follow roughly once a month to capture key dates or events, with one character in each short related to / friends with one of the main characters, Matt or Zoe, from Picnics. And so New Year at The Ritz, Valentine’s on Primrose Hill, Cocktails in Chelsea and Strawberries at Wimbledon were created to follow my Christmas baby J

Strawberries at Wimbledon, the fifth and last short story, is out on 14 May and is about Adam and Rayne (university sweethearts) who meet again at Wimbledon after nearly five years apart. But can you ever go back and recapture that first love? It’s available on pre-order at various e-tailers including Amazon now via http://www.amazon.co.uk/Strawberries-Wimbledon-Short-Story-London-ebook/dp/B00P5V4TAG

Picnics in Hyde Park is due out in June, in time for a (hopefully nice) summer and while I’m sad this means the series is almost over, I’m equally happy that I’ve had a chance to tell these stories. I quite regularly admit that all my characters are just friends who live in my head J and I think that’s part of why I’ve had such a blast.

I’m always happy to answer questions or have a natter, so if any readers or bloggers want to get in touch, come and find me on 

Twitter @NikkiMoore_Auth 

Thanks Jo! x

About The Author

Nikki Moore lives in beautiful Dorset and writes short stories and touching, sexy romantic fiction. She's thrilled to be published by Harper Impulse, the digital first romance imprint of Harper Collins. 

Be My Valentine, a collection of poignant short stories by Nikki and other Harper Impulse authors was published on 13 February 2014 and has received four and five star reviews. Her debut novel Crazy, Undercover, Love was published by Harper Impulse on 24th April 2014 and will be available in paperback on 25th September but can be pre-ordered via Amazon now. 

On 21 February 2014 her short story 'A Night to Remember' was published in digital and print editions of the Mills & Boon / RNA anthology Truly, Madly, Deeply, edited by author Sue Moorcroft. Best-selling authors including Carole Matthews, Katie Fforde and Adele Parks feature. Nikki's short story in that anthology has been bundled with stories by Katie Fforde and Heidi Rice in a shortened ebook available from 1st April.

Nikki's was a finalist in several writing competitions from 2010 onwards, including Novelicious Undiscovered 2012. A member of the Romantic Novelists' Association, she has contributed to their magazine 'Romance Matters,' has far too much fun attending the annual conferences and has also chaired a panel and taken part in a workshop at the Festival of Romance.

She posts about three of her favourite things - Writing, Work and Wine - on her blog and believes in supporting other writers as part of a friendly, talented and diverse community so she often features other authors and new releases on her blog.

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