Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Sarah's Review of Saving Grapes by J T Lundy

What They Say:

Thirty-two-year-old Jason Barnes recently lost his job, and his heart. Now, thanks to a meddling ex-wife and a golf cart fiasco, he has just thirty days to pay a $60,000 fine or go to jail.

Jason was hoping his Aunt Clara would come to his rescue, but she unexpectedly dies, gifting her liquid assets to charity. She does, however, will Jason a picturesque French vineyard--and it's worth millions. But there's a catch! If Jason goes to jail, the vineyard will transfer to his unscrupulous stepbrother.

To raise the cash he needs, Jason travels to France with his knucklehead of a best friend to sell the vineyard. Cashing in will not be so simple, though. Formidable nuns farm the vineyard, and he needs their blessing to sell. To persuade the good sisters, Jason attempts a madcap series of dubious schemes, and while doing so falls for what he thinks is the perfect French woman. Amidst this melee of wine, women, nuns, and villains, Jason must unearth his true values in order to save more than just his soul.

Infused with J.T. Lundy's deliciously skewed sense of humor, and full of flawed but irresistible characters, Saving Grapes is a rollicking, good-hearted Wodehousian comedy that speaks to the hapless romantic in all of us.

What Sarah Says:

This was a bit slow to start with but turned into quite a lovely story.  It was sweet and once I got into quite an easy read.

I struggled to stay with this story originally but then decided I really wanted to find out what happened to Jason after his court case didn’t quite turn out the way he hoped or I thought it would.  It became a bit of an underdog story and I found myself really routing for Jason to get his life together.

I did connect with Jason on some level as I wanted to give him a shake and tell him to man up and sort himself out.  I liked the friendship he had with his best friend and found the story to be sweet and a reality that some people live in.  Not everyone wants the fairytale ending with big dreams but just something to call their own, someone who loves them and realise who their real friends are. 

There were also a couple of twists towards the end that I didn’t see coming and was pleasantly surprised by the outcome.  Despite the slow start I’m glad I gave it a chance and finished it.  It is an enjoyable, sweet story that I think lots of others will enjoy and possibly make them want to drink wine while they are at it so I would advise you to stock up on supplies before you start!

4 out of 5 stars


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