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Jo's Review - Unbound & Uncovered - Colours of Love by Kathryn Taylor

What They Say:

Grace Lawson has never taken much notice of men. Preferring to remain out of the limelight, she has lived a self-imposed sheltered life. And yet when she secures an internship with the prestigious investment firm Huntington Ventures in London, her excitement is as much to do with the possibility of meeting its founder, the viscountJonathan Huntington, as it is to do with the opportunity…

Despite having seen and admired pictures of Jonathan, nothing can quite prepare Grace for meeting the man. Jonathan is a rich and breathtakingly attractive aristocrat – not someone that Grace should even dare dream of. And yet she can’t get him out of her head. Sensing that her attraction is mutualGrace is determined to have her way and seduce him. But Jonathan is no Prince Charming. When he reveals to her exactly what being with him would entail, Grace realises just how dangerous this man could be…and just how dangerous her own feelings are

Passionate, steamy and sensual, and yet at its heart, a romantic love story, Unbound is the first in the Colours of Love trilogy. The sequels Uncovered and Unleashed will be published later this year.

What I Say:

I would like to thank Hayley Steed and author Kathryn Taylor for sending me a copy of these books in exchange for a fair and honest review.

Grace is a naive and hardly travelled American who lands in the UK to take up an internship with Huntingdon Ventures.  I say Grace is naive when she lands in the UK and spots Jonathan Huntingdon, owner of the company she is going to be working for at the airport this sets of a chain of events that Grace can only dream about.

I did like Grace as a main character and her internal struggles were written really well.  Jonathan as the 'Christian Grey' character is easily more likeable the 'Christian Grey' himself.  Jonathan as secrets that Grace is intrigued to find out about, especially the club that he visits.  He is charming when he wants to be yet commanding as well.  He tries to keep Grace at a distance but also close by, all very confusing for Grace.

Grace begins to fall in love with Jonathon despite her new flatmate Annie's advice not to.

This is an erotic read but for me this story could be so much more if the author had spent more time on the story around Grace and Jonathan.  There are other great characters in Alex (Jonathon's business partner), Sarah (his sister) and Graces flatmates.  Also the sinister Japanese business colleague Yuto Nagato.  Having said that the erotic scenes in this book are really well written and steamy.  

4 out of 5 Stars

What They Say:

Having journeyed to England from Chicago for an internship with Huntington Ventures, Grace Lawson fell irrevocably in love with her boss, Jonathan Huntington and together, they are in the early stages of a passionate affair. But she knows she wants more, something Jonathan isn’t prepared to give her yet, or perhaps ever.

As Grace begins to explore her sexual prowess with Jonathan, he realises he doesn’t want to share her and he quits his seedy club, reluctantly agrees to exclusivity and even takes Grace back to his family home. But with the lecherous Yuto Nagako threatening to wreak havoc on Jonathan’s expanding business if he doesn’t either allow him to have Grace too or get rid of her completely, Grace starts to doubt their future together. Jonathan refuses to act like a couple yet their sexual connection is more powerful than ever.

But Jonathan’s relationship with his father is even more dark and twisted than his relationship with Grace. His sister, Sarah, is the one thing holding the family together and she is starting to wonder whether Grace may just be the woman for her brother. As the secrets of Jonathan’s childhood unravel, Grace begins to understand his cold exterior but longs for the man underneath. Eventually, as her internship comes to an end, she has to decide whether to stay with Jonathan or return home. Can she ever win his heart as well as his body? Or will she have to choose to live without him, knowing their differences are just too much?

What I Say:

At the beginning of this book I was cheering Jonathan along as he agreed to give Grace part of what she wanted and that was to be in an exclusive relationship.

What I did get a little tired was the never ending sex scenes, but as it's an erotic novel I guess they have to be in there, as I said with book one there is so much more to these books than just the sex and I found myself wishing the author would spend far more time on the other things in Grace and Jonathan's relationship.

Having said that Grace really did start to annoy me, one minute she was a sexy goddess the next she was a dithering wreck where Jonathan only had to look at her and she was a mess.  I really wanted Grace to stand up to him more.  

I was also left feeling let down by the whole Yuto saga and the reason Jonathan is the way that he is. .

On the whole it has left me disappointed, in the same way I was disappointed in Fifty Shades of Grey, the difference with these books are they are well written on the whole, they just don't explore the outside factors Grace and Jonathans relationship for me, but if you like a book with great sex scenes then this is worth the read.

3 out of 5 stars

Guest Post

How did you get into erotica and how do you balance creating sexy and sultry characters with their depth, personality and interesting plot…

I thrive on love stories, it’s my passion to write about two people finding true love. And since I see sexual attraction as a vital part of a relationship it’s always part of my stories. With “Colours of Love” I simply explored it a bit more, took it further.  I think the most important thing about writing a gripping love story is to fall in love with the hero yourself. And I do, every time. It’s the greatest joy with writing – that you can create those fascinating men who are pure temptation. They come at a price though, they have to since I want to create a compelling read. There has to be a challenge in it, a problem that needs to be solved – otherwise the story isn’t worth telling. So I basically just mix those three ingredients: sexy heroes, a passionate love and a reason why this love is absolutely out of the question. The rest is, well, history.  

About The Author

Kathryn Taylor wrote her first story when she was eleven years old, and was determined from then on that her future career would be as a writer. After a few career detours and a happy ending in her personal life, her dream finally came true, and her first novel Unbound: Colours of Love was published in Germany in 2012, and has been translated into Italian, French and English. She is available for interview. 

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