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Blog Tour and Review - The Keepers: Ethan by Rae Rivers

"Going to Ameera to find Hazel.  Stealing the spell ... You think you can pull it off?" he asked.
She nodded, not trusting herself to speak.
Just as she thought he'd kiss her, he reached for her jacket and said, "Then let's go."

A portal to another world has opened, unleashing dangerous creatures on earth.  A dark witch is out for revenge.  The stakes are high, a war inevitable. 

One person can stop the madness.  Jenna.  She’s a Keeper to a powerful hybrid witch but she harbours a secret and if Jenna steps through the portal – seduced by the whispers of her hidden past - she may never return.

Fortunately, she has company ... infamous Bennett brother and fiercely protective Keeper, Ethan. Their whip-cracking banter makes them perfect sparring partners in training, but how will they manage when their lives and everything they were born to defend are on the line?

When the battle lines are drawn, will Jenna and Ethan stand side by side – as friends, protectors, lovers … or as traitors?

I would like to thank Harper Impulse for approving me to read this book in exchange for a fair and honest review.

I'm totally at a loss where to start with this review.  If you follow me on Twitter or friends on Facebook you will know how much I love the series and feel like I've waited forever to read my favourite Keepers story.  What an I say about Ethan that I haven already said about Archer and Declan? Ethan is a smouldering man of action but also the peacemaker between Declan and Archer.

Enter Jenna, mysterious Keeper to witch, Kate, who is also Declan's girlfriend.  She challenges Ethan on a level he has never known before, earning himself the nickname 'Stud Muffin' which made me chuckle.

Jenna and Ethan's story is a roller coaster ride with loads of secrets, both of them have them but don't trust each other enough to share.

We see plenty of familiar faces in Archer, Sienna, Declan and Kate.  Also, some new faces that I won't mention (cos they weren't very nice).  There is witches, magic, werewolves, vampires and fantastic Keepers, what more can I ask for?

This story is intricately weaved that had me turning page after page to get to the end.  I was up till 3am and left shattered with everything coming to an explosive conclusion or did it?  Mmmm I'm hoping we will see more from the Bennett brothers, even if it's not as the main characters.

Rae threw in some massive twists and turns along the way, she had me gasping to catch my breath and crying on the next page.  The only thing I will say is how could you Rae? I mean Archer!  Want to know what I'm talking about then you need to read this fabulous book?


Bennett Estate, Rapid Falls
Ethan grabbed a bottle of water from the fridge and headed to the bathroom, knowing the shower would do little to cleanse the frustration gnawing at his gut.
  At least it would cleanse the grime of the night.
  His mind reeled with everything that had happened.  The crows, the shifters, the hellhounds. 
  The shower was brief and hot, the air permeated with soap and steam when he finished.  He walked to the door, towel-drying his hair with a vigour that resembled his mood.
  Jenna's sudden appearance in the bedroom doorway drew him to an abrupt stop. 
  "Oh!"  Her jaw fell and her hand came up to cover her eyes.  Her cheeks coloured, not surprising considering he was as naked as the day he was born.    
  "Looking for something?" he drawled, lowering the towel just enough to cover his crotch.  His ass was on its own.
  She shuffled in the doorway.  Hair in a ponytail, black robe and barefoot, no armour in sight.    Vulnerable.  Beautiful.
  The hint of her feminine side always intrigued him.  He'd connected to her as a Keeper, one to another.  He'd fought beside her, witnessed her strength, but thanks to sheer willpower and many cold showers, he'd never dared to dwell on what he'd find if he delved further.
  A whole lot of woman beneath the warrior.
  Her fingers covering her eyes opened just an inch.  "Ethan!" she cried, her voice laced with exasperation.
  And Jenna never did exasperated.  Ever.
  He bit back a grin.  "You should've knocked."
  "Your door was open."
  "I wasn't expecting company."
  "Clearly."  She peeped through her fingers again.  "You're enjoying this, aren't you?"
  "Well then, in that case, let me join in too."   Surprising him, she lowered her hand and zeroed her gaze on him.  Down there.  Still blushing, but taking her fill.
  This time, if he had the ability to blush easily, he would.  Hot damn.  Chuckling at her candour, he flashed a wide grin and slowly fastened the towel around his waist.  "Happy?"
  Her gaze did a lingering sweep across his body.  "I've always wondered if your female fans were after your money or your body."
  "Now you know."
  "Definitely the money."
  He laughed and went to her, wondering why she was here, surprised at how much it pleased him – and how easily she made him forget everything else.  It was always like that with her.  "Attacking my manhood again?  I thought you learnt your lesson in the forest."
  "I wasn't attacking anything."
  "Yet we're back to my manhood."
  "No we're not."
  "I'd be more than happy to –"
  "Not in your wildest dreams, stud muffin."
  "– make some coffee, if you'd like."
  A sheepish grin spread across her face.  "That's not what you were going to say!"
  "You'll never know, will you?" He took her wrist and drew her inside, frowning when she flinched.  He froze.  "You're hurting."
  She didn't reply.  Didn't deny it either.
  A ripple of unease crashed his amusement and he quietly scanned her body for signs of injuries.  She'd fobbed him off earlier in the tunnel when he'd asked if she'd been hurt.  He'd suspected it then.  He knew it now.
  "What's wrong?  And tell me you're fine and I'll feed you to Declan," he added.
  She rolled her eyes.  "Declan doesn't scare me."
  "I know.  That's why you're perfect for Kate.  Now answer my question." 
   Her shoulders fell and she blew out air.  "I have some serious road rash on my back from the fall on the bike.  Usually it would heal, but I caught a few shards of glass."   She held up a small first-aid box with her other hand.  Damn, he hadn't even seen the white box that always followed trouble.  "I tried removing them but ..."
  With a single nod, Ethan put a hand on her waist, led her inside, and shut the door.

Rae’s an avid reader and writer with a passion for writing spicy romance novels. She lives in Cape Town, South Africa, with her gorgeous children and husband and a zoo of house pets.
Besides writing, she loves family time, the outdoors, travelling, watching TV series, reading and
chocolate. For more information about her books, please visit www.raerivers.com

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