Sunday, 1 December 2013

The Gift by Karli Perrin

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Please note that this is a short story, not a full length novel. It is a standalone and is intended to be a quick, fun and flirty read.

Genre: New Adult Contemporary Romance

What they say: 

It was the weekend before Christmas and the whole world was on countdown.
Except for me.
Last Christmas, I met a boy.
Last Christmas, we made a pact.
Christmas would never be the same.
Life would never be the same…

What I say:

I was sent this short story by the author Karli Perrin in exchange for a fair and honest review. 

It's a wonderful short story of how Imogen met Blake, they say never judge a book by its cover but the cover is perfect and fits perfectly with how I imagined Imogen and Blake to look.

It was a nice easy read around Christmas, I also like the Mad Friday reference and not sure if this is a Northern thing as we have Mad Friday in the town where I live and can defiantly say they are very drunken affairs having been out in a few Mad Friday's, I appreciate how Imogen is feeling the morning after. 

This is a story of how it feels to meet and fall in love.  The story was fast paced enough to keep you reading with plenty going on, right to the end to where it keeps you wondering what happens with Imogen and Blake.  

I have Karli's other book on my kindle which I am now looking forward to reading. 

5 out of 5 stars. 

Author Bio
Karli Perrin is a 25 year old English Language & Linguistics graduate from Manchester, England. She has always been a big lover of books and is the author of the 'April' series. 
She is a big believer of fate and is a sucker for a happy ending. She honestly believes that there is a reason why you are reading this right now (apart from the fact that you are awesome!) 
Her ultimate goal in life is to live in a house made entirely out of books with her best friend, who also happens to be her fiancé.
...Hogwarts is plan B.

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