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Interview with Ellen Faith

Today I have the pleasure of interviewing Ellen Faith.

Hi Ellen

Thank your for coming on Comet Babe's Books today!

Thank you for having me! I’ve been so excited to answer your questions and I apologise now if I go on a bit.

Can you tell us about your book?
Home for The Holidays while technically a follow on from The Story of Us, can also be read as a standalone. It follows Lexi Jones and her fiancé, Ryan as they come home from San Francisco to spend some quality time with their families over the Christmas period. Of course a few things have changed since they’ve been away, some changes are heart-warming and make you feel quite fuzzy inside, some not so much – a newly nudist father for example!

Can you share with us who designs the gorgeous covers for you books?
Ah, the wonderful Rebecca Berto from Berto Designs is the master behind my covers; she always seems to know what I want, even when I don’t. Just wait until you see my new cover, I swooned.

Can you tell us about your writing process?
Sometimes I can go for days just writing notes or a simple phrase that pops into my head for a certain character, or get lost on Pinterest looking for inspirational images. I wish I was one of those authors that could say I wrote every day but sadly I don’t always get the time. When I do though, I tend to just snuggle up on the sofa with my laptop, my iPad open at the side of me to look at images, notes etc and I blast it for at least an hour.

Do you have a support network for your writing?
I have my family who support me 100%, my fiancée thinks it’s a perfect way to use up all of the magic in my head; I’m never quite sure how to take that. Outside of my family, I have to say I have met the best group of people via Twitter and Facebook. A few of these new friends have become my go-to people and I would be lost without their help and encouragement at times.

What items are on your desk/where you write?
I’m not a super tidy person if I’m honest and when I write, I’m usually sat on the sofa taking over the whole thing with bottles of water, my iPad, phone, notebook and maybe a snack, depending on the time of day.

Have you ever heard a strange/different story that you thought would be great in a book?
If something ridiculous or unusual happens to me or I’m told about it, my first reaction is to write it down slyly so that I don’t forget it and then I can use it at a later date in a book!

One of the best stories I’ve heard though happened to a member of my family and I actually used it in Home for The Holidays. I’ve changed it ever so slightly so that if they do read it, they don’t kill me. All I’ll say is that the incident with the Christmas tree REALLY HAPPENED!  

What do you like to do when you're not writing?
When I’m not writing I’m usually either working, reading or scouring Pinterest for recipe ideas. I’m alsoin the process of doing my CILEx course too which means that I can become a Legal Executive in a couple of years’ time so that’s really exciting for me.

Do you like it quiet when you're writing or do you need background noise?(music or TV)
I’m one of the few authors I know that needs absolute silence. I love music and it inspires a lot of my work, but once I’ve got into the zone I need to pause the track until I’ve got out what I need to.

If one of your books was made into a film/TV series, who would you like as the leading lady/man?
When I started writing The Story of Us, the only people I could ever visualize playing Lexi and Ryan were Una Healey and Adrian Grenier. I know Una is Irish, and not an actress but everything about her was just Lexi for me.

Can you tell us about a day in the life of Ellen Faith?
I work three days a week as a legal secretary but on the days I’m not at work, I usually spend time with my mum and at the moment wedding planning seems to be taking over my life.

I’m generally a boring person though if I’m honest, but I like to have peaceful days where I can just go to the supermarket, sit down for an hour or two reading and writing and then go see my grandparents. It’s what keeps me sane when I have manic days, knowing that I can spend down time with my family. I like my evenings to consist of episodes of The Big Bang Theory, New Girl and Honey Boo Boo too!

Non book questions

Favourite holiday place?
San Francisco without a doubt

Favourite food?

What kind of music do you listen to?
I have really eclectic taste in music; I love everything from Dolly Parton to The Pretty Reckless with a bit of Katy Perry in between.

Favourite film?
The Little Mermaid or Despicable Me – I know, not very cool. If we’re going all grown up then I’d sayGone With The Wind.

Favourite Chocolate?
Does Nutella count?

Favourite drink?
Currently the coconut and pineapple Volvic. UH-MAY-ZING.

Thank you for answering my questions!

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Christmas Wedding at the Gingerbread Cafe by Rebecca Raisin

What They Say:

You are invited to the wedding of the year!
Snow is falling thick and fast outside the Gingerbread Café and inside, its owner Lily is planning the wedding of the year. Her wedding! She never dreamt it would happen, but this Christmas, she’ll be marrying the man of her dreams - in a Christmas-card-perfect ceremony!

The gingerbread is baking, the dress is fitted and the mistletoe’s in place – for once, everything’s going to plan. That is until her mother-in-law arrives... 
Suddenly, Lily’s famous cool is being tested like never before and her dream wedding is crumbling before her eyes.

In the blink of a fairylight, the Gingerbread Café has been thrown into chaos! Lily thought she had this wedding wrapped up, but with so much to do before she says ‘I do’, can Lily get to the church on time – and make this Christmas sparkle after all?

What I Say:

I would like to thank Tay at Chicksthatread and Rebecca Raisin for sending me a copy of this book in exchange for fair on honest review.

We are back in the sleepy town of Ashford just in time for Lily and Damons wedding but as you can see things the best laid plans do always work that way.

I've struggled for weeks about what to write in my review because I really don't want to give too much away, so let me just say there are tears of happiness, tears of sadness, accidents and misunderstandings but all this wouldn't do this really wonderful sweet book justice.

As in previous reviews, I love Lily and Damon but the stand out character for me is always CeeCee.  We get to meet some new characters, both Lily and Damons parents.  Becca who is going to be working in Missy's salon, and the hot and broody Clay from Bec's next book, even a Jo gets a mention, excited to say the least is an understatement.  This book has everything you could want from a Christmas read, I cried (Christina Perry's Thousand Years), I laughed at certain parts or the story with CeeCee and then we have a lovely wedding.

I've become quite good friends with Bec over the space of the last Twelve months and I am sorry this is the last of Lily and Damons story (I keep nagging her to write more), what I would say to anyone is read this series of books you won't be disappointed. 

The other thing I have seen is other bloggers have commented that the blurb gives away too much and have taken away stars for this, it's abit harsh as Bec didn't write the blurb and I don't think it does giveaway too much Ashford rocks!

Guest Post from Rebecca Raisin
Thanks for inviting me here today, Jo!

When I wrote the first Gingerbread Café book Christmas at the Gingerbread Café I had no idea it would turn into a trilogy! An idea flashed through my mind at midnight; the opening scene of Lil stuffing turkeys and blubbering, andCeeCee walking in and in her no-nonsense southern way, telling Lil how it really is! So I hastily made some notes and began writing the next day. The story poured out of me, and I could often ‘hear’ CeeCee talking to me which was really weird! I spend a lot of time polishing it, and expanding in the hope I could submit it somewhere, though it was edging towards October at that time and I thought I may have well and truly missed the Christmas story cut off point.

A friend told me Carina UK had put a call out for Christmas stories and would read and review within a day! Usually wait times for submissions is months, so I immediately went through it once more and then sent it off!

Two days later I had an email from my lovely editor, that just said something along the lines of we’d like to call you, please tell us when you’re free. NOW? I’M FREE NOW! I vaguely remember that was on a Friday, so I actually didn’t speak to her until the Tuesday, with the time differences and the weekend and all things considered. That was the slowest three days of my life! I hoped they wanted the story, but all sorts of things crossed my mind. And they did. They originally offered me a two book contract!

So then came the idea for a second Gingerbread Café book. And not by me! I had lots of people query when the follow-up was coming out. And I was like….erokay! I would LOVE to!
Kate Beedan was the first person to ask, and the idea took off from there.

I was beyond excited to get back to the girls from the café and the residents of the small town of Ashford. My editor and I discussed the plan for the coming books (by this time I’d signed further contracts) and we mapped out exactly whatwould come next. Knowing it would become a trilogy was wonderful, as I could include snippets for later use. And develop the characters and add new ones.

Chocolate Dreams at the Gingerbread Café was born! I must have put on about five kilos writing about a chocolate festival, and watching YouTube videos about how to temper chocolate!

I added a character called Sarah who owned The Bookshop on the Corner. Of course, I couldn’t wait to write about a dusty second-hand bookshop, full of wondrous finds if only you’d stay awhile to look. I loved writing about the quirky Sarah, and the hot hero Ridge!
Sarah was desperate for the book boyfriend to come to life, and preferred books over people most of the time…except precious time with her girlfriends who planned all manner of things to drag Sarah from behind the covers of her romance novels!

So while this wasn’t a Gingerbread Café story, it was still set in the same town, with Lil and CeeCee from the cafe featuring heavily as Sarah’s great friends. I loved writing The Bookshop on the Corner!

Then came the third and final Gingerbread Café book,Christmas Wedding at the Gingerbread Café which has just been released. I don’t mind admitting I shed quite a few tears writing this! There’s some highly emotional scenes, and also I was saying goodbye to the girls who’d become so lifelike to me, that I frequently dropped them into conversations as though they were real! Once the drafts and numerous roundsof edits were done I really felt as if I was losing my best friends. What’s made the whole experience even more special is the amount of messages I’ve received from people who feel the same. They want another Gingerbread Café book! So only time will tell… but I do think I’ve left Lil and CeeCee in a good place, they’ve come full circle, and I’m happy with their story ending there. (Loudly sobbing into my hands!).

However! I am not finished with Ashford, Connecticut, where all the stories are situated! And it seems they are not finished with me!

My next project is called Secrets at the Maple Syrup Farm, featuring Clay, a broody, gorgeous guy, who isn’t your normal hero. He’s broken, and lost, and needs love but doesn’t know it! And of course, being set in Ashford, he’s bound to run into some of the characters from the other books!

There’s plans afoot for some exciting instalments next year and as soon as I can spill my secrets I’ll be back to share them with you!

Thanks so much for having me here today, Jo! And I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas and a happy new year!

Thanks for such a fab guest post Bec, love you x

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About The Author
Rebecca Raisin is a true bibliophile. This love of books morphed into the desire to write them. She's been widely published in short story anthologies, and in fiction magazines. And now she is focusing on writing romance.

Rebecca aims to write characters you can see yourself being friends with. People with big hearts who care about relationships and believe in true love.

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The Story of Us by Ellen Faith

What They Say

Alexandra Jones has a pretty peachy life. A gorgeous, stinking rich fiancé, her sleazy boss is retiring which means an imminent promotion in a job she loves, and she gets her best friends Jimmy Choos when she dies. Although she would prefer her best friend to stick around as long as possible. Obviously.

But when a blast from the past turns up on her doorstep just as her world turns upside down, she decides to take her best friend, Rosie, up on her offer of a ten day break in San Francisco. Whilst Rosie works on a fashion shoot and Alexandra becomes well acquainted with the photographer’s brother, it becomes clear that this trip is one that will change their lives forever.

What I Say:
I picked this book up when I signed up for the blog tour for Home for the Holidays. All I can say is why has no one recommended it to me before now.
When we first meet Lexi she has everything (apart from a lie in on her first weekend off), she has a fiancé, a wonderful career and a fabulous house.  This all comes crashing down around her ears first of all first love Luke turns up at her house he is the builder hired to by Walker, Lexi's fiancé to buil the extension.  Then Lexi doesn't get the promotion she deserves because her boss is an arse, I laughed out loud when she punches him.  Finally after all this Lexi arrives home to find Walker having sex with his secretary in her shower.
Luke is Lexi's Knight in Shinning Armour and gets her out of there but this is soured when they go to a cafe and Luke's girlfriend turns up.
Lexi ends up at her best friends Rosie and Jason's, they go to collect her things with a few donations to charity along the way, put it this way I wouldn't want to cross Rosie by hurting any of her friends.
Rosie is going working in San Franaisco for ten days and persaudes Lexi to go along with her.  I love both Lexi and Rosie and think Rosie is so funny.  I loved Ryan and his brother James, they are hot.  I was always routing for Ryan even when Luke tried to throw a spanner in the works.  I'm so glad Walker got his commuppance, her never deserved Lexi, she was always far too nice for him.  Luke I might of loved originally by he'd had his chances and threw it all away. 
Once in San Francisco, Ellen's writing really describes the city and I could picture the city with each place she writes about. I also loved Ryan from the onset even if Lexi didn't.  
This is a beautiful story of friendship and finding love when you least expect it.  I couldn't wait to start Home for the Holidays once I had finished this.

About The Author

Ellen lives in the wonderful county of Yorkshire, England where she spends most of her time baking, eating, baking, and eating. Occasionally she does leave the house to go to the cinema or do some food shopping though. After spending years with an overactive imagination, she decided to put all the magic in her head to some good use and put finger to laptop where The Story of Us was born and became her debut novel. She loves to travel, her favourite destinations so far have all been in America, hence the love of all things, and all people, American. The food rocks pretty hard too, she ate until her jeans begged her to stop whilst she was there. True fact. Aside from daydreaming and eating, Ellen is a sucker for a lolcat, penguins and monkeys - she has never claimed to be normal.

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Single All The Way by Elaine Spires

What They Say:

Travel Together Tour Manager Eve Mitchell is planning a quiet Christmas at home to rest and relax before a special New Year. But she soon, very unexpectedly, finds herself in the depths of the Essex countryside looking after a singles' group which contains some old, familiar faces and some pleasant - and not so pleasant - new ones. With its country walks, quizzes, disco and black-tie ball, the Christmas and Twixmas Break passes quickly, but just as they think it's all over the plot takes a twist and we learn some dark secrets... A delightful final book to round off the Singles' Trilogy. The other two books in the trilogy are Singles' Holiday and Singles and Spice.

What I Say

I would like to thank Kim Nash and Elaine Spires for sending me a copy of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review. 

I'm glad to be back with the familiar Travel2gether holidays of Elaine's Singles holiday books. I would certainly books singles holiday with Travel2gether especially if Eve was the Tour Guide.

Elaine openes the book at a hotel with a new group of Singles Holiday guests. Eve however isn't the tour rep this time and she isn't  with them, she is at home having Christmas off for the first time in years.  
The tour rep decides it isn't really for her and disappears over night, leaving the Travel2gether guests alone, they are disgruntled to day the least..  Eve is virtually forced to take over by her boss, she meet some old friends and makes some new ones.  Elaine had me gasping at the antics of some of the guests, saying aw at others and even tears at some points.

I love these books by Elaine as she tells the stories from different characters POV and I always feel like I am travelling with the group.  Elaine always manages to write a wonderfully different story and group with every book, we also see some old faces and some new faces.  As well as talk of places and people from the other books. So come along an meet the wonderfully interesting characters from this book.

This is a really festive read and makes me want to go on a singles holiday again, but only if Eve is the tour rep.  I'm also sad this is the last in the series but I hope Elaine will consider writing more in the future.

About The Author

Elaine Spires is a diverse novelist as well as an award-winning playwright and actress.

Extensive travelling and a background in education and tourism perfected Elaine's keen eye for the quirky characteristics of people, captivating the humorous observations she now affectionately shares with the readers of her novels.
She wrote her first book What's Eating Me in 2010. It was originally a play, a one-woman show performed as a monologue with a child actor - Elena-Beth Carter playing Eileen as a child in the background and Elaine performed it on the London and Edinburgh fringes. She loved the character of loved Eileen so much that she decided to expand the story into a book.

Her second novel was Singles' Holiday, set on her beloved Antigua... the Caribbean at its most luscious, its most beautiful... silver sand, cobalt sky, warm, turquoise sea... and a bunch of complete strangers who only have one thing in common: they're single!

And her third novel Sweet Lady, again set in Antigua, will amaze you with a massive twist which goes to show that nothing is as it seems!

When Elaine is not writing her ideas into her next book or play, she enjoys going to the theatre, visiting the cinema, eating out with her friends and she also loves to read! Elaine spends her time between her homes in Hadleigh, Essex and Five Islands, Antigua (W.I.).
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You can learn more about Elaine at her website 

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Cover Reveal Take Cover by Kim Black

 Take Cover Ebook Cover   

synopsis btn 
After walking away from both Adam and Julien, Emily Roberts' only focus is Charlette. Knowing that Charlette stands in the way of her future with Julien, she will stop to nothing to remove her from her life... permanently! Will her tunnel-vision give her all that she is yearning for or will she have made the biggest mistake of her life... leaving Julien exposed to the likes of Charlette... It all ends here... Note: This book is the third part of The Cover Series and is designed to be read in order. This book contains erotic content and is not suitable for readers under the age of 18





excerpt btn   

    Take Cover Book Cover 

“Emily, I know that you’re out for blood but let’s face it, you don’t have the means to get a woman like Charlette Delacroix,” Shane informed me as I placed around my complex, trying to figure out how I would pay that bitch back for trying to kill me. She obviously believed that offing me would get her Julien but she was sadly mistaken. The look on his face when I told him that Charlette had been the one who attacked me at the club was one I would never forget. He was furious. Unfortunately his expression soon changed to one of brokenness when I ended my relationship with him. It was the hardest thing I had ever been forced to do. I felt like I had no choice. The woman was clearly desperate and would stop at nothing to get Julien to leave me for her. I needed her to believe she had won, to believe that she had successfully caused our demise. But in order to do that I had to hurt the man I loved so desperately. I had to allow him to feel broken yet again and the idea that I caused him such hurt pained me to the core but it was the only way. I needed to find a way to get Charlette out of our lives once and for all. “You think I don’t know that Shane? Do you really think it hasn’t crossed my mind that I am dealing with sick twisted fuck that will stop at nothing to take Julien away from me? His fucking wife!” I growled in his general direction as I continued my pacing. I needed a plan. “Well will you at least sit down and eat something. You’ve only been out of the hospital for ten hours and you really should be resting,” he said as he closed the short distance between us before drawing me up his is arms in an attempt to offer comfort. The resemblance between the brothers was remarkable and in that moment, I gasped at the sudden closeness and felt my stomach churn at the realization that Julien wouldn’t be able to touch me like this until after Charlette was taken care off. Pushing away from Shane I signed and sat on the couch, allowing my head to fall into my hands. My decision to let Julien go at the hospital seemed rational at the time but the more I thought about it the more I wondered just what I was thinking. Shane was right. I had no way of really removing his ex-wife from our lives. Current wife, not ex? Tears welded up in my eyes in an instant as the severity of the situation crashed down on me with its full force. I was no position to take on Charlette. Shane once again closed the distance between us before kneeling down in front of me, “Look, I know you are determined to make this woman pay. To be honest, I’d like to see the old bat pay myself but you are in way over your head,” he began before lifting my face with his hand to meet his gaze. “My bother loves you Emily, together you can stop Charlette. But if you insist on going after her I will help you. Fuck, I have money to blow and damn-it I can’t stand to see a woman cry. Especially since my brother would likely kill me if I allowed you to get into danger. So what do you say?” What do I say? Did he really have to ask? “Fuck yeah!” I screamed as I jumped into his arms, no doubt squeezing the life out of him. “Whoa, whoa. Slow down killer, we still need a plan. Between your fucking determination and my pockets, Charlette should be out of your life soon and my brother will be happy again.” I didn’t let up on his neck, instead I squeezed tighter grateful that I had called him to get me out of the hospital since my friends weren’t speaking to me. Truth be told… I wanted to be close to Julien and Shane was the closest thing I had to him. “Thank you so much Shane, you have no idea how much this means to me,” I hiccupped into his neck, my grip no less tighter than before. “I am a lover at heart. Shit I’m French remember?” he chuckled softly. How could I ever forget? I thought to myself.

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  alsopreorder Uncovered Scars Cover  


synopsis btn  
Diana Edwards hadn't expected to fall for her best friend's boyfriend but the more she got to know him, the more unbearable it becomes to be near him. Can she continue to long after him through stolen glances and wishful yearnings, denying her heart a chance at love? Or will the fire he lights within her cause her to touch the forbidden... quenching the burning need growing within her, betraying her only friend? *Note: This novella is the apart of a series and is designed to be read in order but can be read as a stand alone.* 

  teasers btn
  heterosexual couple having sex Lovers - sensual couple making love in bed 
Very sexy young fit man

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Interview with Lindsay J Pryor

Today I have the pleasure of interviewing Lindsay J Pryor

Hi Lindsay, 

Welcome to Comet Babe's Books

Thank you so much for inviting me here, Jo. J

Can you tell us about The Blackthorn Series?
Blackthorn is a dark paranormal romance series set in an alternative reality, where humans are ruling the third species (vampires, lycans etc) with an iron fistBook 1 drops you right into a catalytic point, so here’s the background:

When the third species resolved to openly proclaim their existence, an abundant number of humans were fearful for the safety of themselves and their families. Something had to be done.
A human-only Global Council was formed to define the new social structure and set up global laws in managing this. Cities, towns and villages were disbanded in place of ‘locales’. Every locale is made up of four bordered districts spanning out from the nucleus. Feared and discriminated against, it is in these impoverished and over-populated nuclei that the third species are forced to reside as second-class citizens until they provethemselves to be as low risk as they claim.
Unfortunately for them, whispers of vampire prophecies foretelling of the overthrowing of the human regime has not helped their plight. In fact, it’s only given the Global Council more reason to maintain divisions.
Blackthorn is the core of one such locale – a real melting pot for vampires, lycans and the humans they are forced to reside with. It is a subsequent hive of social unrest. This dystopian backdrop is the setting for intense forbidden romances – romances that will not only impact on the fate of humankind, but also on the fate of the third species who have spent far too long waiting for their time.
The first four books each focus on a different couple who are going to impact on the eventual future of this new order. As the series progresses, their stories become increasingly interwoven towards the final outcome.

Blackthorn is dark, highly sensual PNR, so certainly not for anyone who prefers a lighter read. The heroes are unashamedly alpha, their behaviour sometimes skirting close to the edge. My heroines can hold their own though – or will certainly come to! It’s a complex series with lots of twists and turns, so is best read in order.

An Amazon best-seller and regularly at number 1 in the Gothic Romance charts in the UK and US, Blackthorn has received a lot of accolade for it’s uniqueness. As a British PNR written in British English, it’s certainly in the minority.

Can you tell us about Blood Deep? 
Blood Deep is the fourth book in the series, wherein you meet the final integral couple.

Here’s the blurb:
“Bad can feel good, Jessie. Bad can feel as good as it can get.”
The tattoos covering Eden Reece’s arm tell the tale of a con with an appetite for danger. Even so, arriving at The Circus – the criminal heart of Blackthorn – and demanding an audience with the notorious Pummel, is the sign of a death wish.
Jessie knows that Eden is trouble. Serious trouble. Held captive by Pummel, despite her powers, she also knows how dangerous a game Eden is playing. Yet she can’t ignore a connection far deeper than the physical spark between them – because Jessie has seen Eden before...
Jessie is the only one who can help Eden save those he loves. But as he uncovers her secrets one by one, he can’t ignore the emotions she stirs in him – feelings neither of them dare face. He risks death. If she trusts him, she risks a fate far worse.
As Pummel’s twisted plans become clear, there’s no doubt all hell risks breaking out in Blackthorn. With time running out, together Jessie and Eden might be the only ones who can stop it.

Can you tell us if there is the possibility of them being made into a film or TV series?
Within a week of Blood Shadows (the first book in the series) being released, it was requested and optioned by Relativity Media – which was extremely exciting. It lost out on a split vote, but I had some amazing feedback. I’ve always said though – and a lot of my readers say the same –that because of the complexity of the series and the interlinking storylines, especially as it progresses, it would be better presented as a TV series. I can’t see how it would ever be made into a film. It could never be done as a stand-alone, that’s for sure!

How old were you when you started writing?
My earliest memory of writing a book was when I was nine, which was a sci-fi adventure, but I was writing before then. I’ve never stopped writing since, grabbing whatever hours I could through my time at school, university and my past twenty years of teaching. It’s taken 30 years to get to this point, but I think if you’re passionate about something, you’ll work at it however long it takes.

Who are your favourite writers?
I have a real passion for the classics. Wuthering HeightsThe Picture of Dorian Gray and, of course, Dracula are masterpieces. I also adore Shakespeare – no one writes dialogue like he did. But then I think there is a lot to be learned from the page-turning quality of James Patterson when it comes to pace. Roald Dahl was the master of story twists. I also adore Tolkien for his world-buildingand Stephen King for characterisation.

What books did you read as a child?
Oh, gosh, I always had my head in a book. I’m not sure where to start! From when I was very young, I think the stand-outs would be the Narnia Chronicles, particularly The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe. I also loveThe Enchanted Woodand The Faraway Tree by Enid Blyton. Then it was The Worst Witch and The HobbitAll the books I liked reading had fantasy or magical elements. I guess that’s why I naturally graduated towards writing within that genre. Reading for me is about escapism, and there’s no greater escapism than a whole other world.

Do you have a favourite place you like to write and why?
I love to write snuggled up in bed or on the sofa either with my notebook or laptop, depending on what stage of writing I’m at. Most of the timeI’m at my desk – which is an equally great place to work. My husband has spent sixteen years with post-it notes and bits of paper attached to his socks from me leaving trail around the house as ideas strike, so I try to keep to one room now. I have a study in the corner of the house that overlooks my woodland garden, which means I get to stare out of the window and bird watch whilst working through scenes. I love it.

Are any of your characters based on people you know?
No, never. None of my characters are inspired by real-life people in any way – even visually they’re not inspired by particular actors or actresses. They’re pure fiction through and through.

Do you have a support network for your writing?
I have a wonderful support network – all online and primarily consisting of my readers. Always having written in isolation, I’ve never belonged to writing groups or critique groups, so I didn’t bring that kind of support with me. I started off with a really small following of readers who’d read my work during the New Voices online writing competition (through which I was discovered by my publisher) and, since then, my support has grown month by month. I spend a lot of time talking to my readers, mainly via Facebook or privately via email – probably too much! But my readers are really important to me. I feel very lucky to have so many people passionate about my series.

Non book questions

Favourite holiday place?
As long as it’s quiet, warm and I have green space or ocean, I’m happy.

Favourite food?
I love Italian food, preferably veggie options.

What kind of music do you listen to?
30 Seconds to Mars, My Chemical Romance, Kings of Leon, Adam Lambert and Lady Gaga are regular background tunes. I also like 80’s soft rock and love belting out power ballads, despite my lack of musical prowess (i.e. tone deaf). A while ago, my readers helped me create a Blackthorn sound track and I discovered Imagine Dragons and Muse from their recommendations, so they’re on my list now too.

Favourite film?
Ah, I’m a total film addict so there’s no way I could pick out just one. My tastes are fairly eclectic as long as there’s an imaginative storyline or unique concept involved. I particularly like sci-fi, supernatural thrillers and psychological thrillers.I guess that shows in my writing!

Favourite Chocolate?
I love dark chocolate. Green and Black’s Maya Gold is ridiculously yummyI also like Lindt dark chocolate.

Favourite drink?
I’m a coffee addict (which makes up for me always having been tea-total), but I also drink copious amounts of water.

Thanks for a great interview, I can't wait to read this series now.