Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Have You Heard About This DIRTY LITTLE SECRET?

Coming June 27, 2017 from Lyrical Underground
Book Two in the A Likely Story Series
from AJ Nuest

Revenge might be cold . . .

Xander Dade has a deep-seated regret, and the nomadic decade he’s spent doling out justice as a computer hacker hasn’t helped ease his conscience. Ever since Charlie McGovern was asked to leave the specialized revenge-for-hire business called Dirty Deeds, the curvy blonde bombshell has been stuck in his head. And now that the talented thief is being stalked by a dangerous enemy, Xander isn’t about to let her slip through his fingers—not when he’s so close to convincing her she belongs in his bed . . .

But desire is a dish best served hot

Caught in a high-stakes game of cat and mouse, Charlie won’t be surrendering her secrets any time soon. Not even when long-lost friend, Xander Dade, shows up, packing a sexy agenda all his own. Her movements are being tracked, and accepting his help may put everyone she loves in danger. Things are getting too hot to handle, and selling her secrets to the highest bidder may end up costing more than her heart . . .

~ * ~

Well. Her shoulders hiked to around her ears as she filled her lungs. Dropped in a hard shrug as she firmly exhaled. Not a heartbeat later, a smile teased the corner of her mouth, and she nearly chuckled. Whoever he was, she had to hand it to the guy. He’d just saved her a Himalayan-sized heap of trouble. Starting now, she owed him a huge round of thanks for his help.

He descended the steps as she strode those last few feet toward her building. Geez, he had to top out somewhere around six-four. Broad shoulders, trim hips. Rolling, sexy swagger in his gait.

And dinner. At the very least, she owed him her thanks and dinner.

The form-fitted stretch of a white thermal shirt peeked through the unbuttoned sides of his red plaid button-down and leather jacket, and her brow twitched at the thought of exploring those cut ridges and slopes with her tongue.

Yowza. And if he played his cards right, possibly an invitation to spend the night.

A five o’clock shadow covered his jaw, the scruff a thick sandy brown, and framed a pair of lips that had been molded by some evil entity with the sole purpose of shutting down a woman’s brain.

Good God. Talk about an eyegasm. That fantastic mouth had chew toy written all over it.

“So, yeah. That was pretty impressive. Thanks for—” She locked onto his gaze and withdrew a step, her jaw hanging off its hinge like the broken gate the super refused to fix by the fire escape. Only one person she’d ever met had eyes that rivaled the clear, aquamarine warmth of the Caribbean Sea, but there was no way he’d shown up in her part of town. “X-ray?”

The left corner of that luscious mouth slid up in a lopsided grin, and she sputtered, shaking her head. Dear God, it was him. She would’ve known that heart-stopping smile anywhere.

“Hey, Chuck.” He ate up the remaining space in one relaxed, easy stride. “It’s good to see you. Sorry for stopping by unannounced.”

What in all the sweet holy hotness was he doing here? She snapped her mouth shut, her brain tripping over itself to catch up. Those were his eyes, all right, and that was most definitely the lethal tilted smile she’d always thought was so darn cute. But the rest of him did not resemble the same gawky teenager she’d left standing in Malcolm’s front hallway ten years ago.

Heck, given the two-year age gap between them, back then, she’d always kinda considered him her geeky, klutzy version of a kid brother.

Well, not anymore. Whatever tread climber he’d been dating, the pendulum had officially swung the other way. “Trust me when I say it’s not a problem.”

Genre:  Romantic Suspense
Heat Rating: 4 Flames
Release Date: June 27, 2017
Author: AJ Nuest

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