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Cover Up by Kim Black

What They Say:

Emily Roberts is a confused woman. While her heart feels entangled with Julien’s, her mind fights for the man who had always been true to her, Adam. Feeling that she can never trust Julien again, she tries to move on… But the heart is not one that can be ignored. Even after Julien’s lies, she yearns still for his touch.

The heart is not one that can be ignored and even after all Julien has done, she yearns still for his touch…

Julien Belmont never meant to hurt Emily. One night, one mistake, one lie costs him the love of his life and he is left with no choice but to watch her leave. When Julien’s action causes Emily to have an accident, the guilt that he feels is unbearable. Determined to get her back, he tries to ends his ties to the only thing standing in the way of his happiness, his wife!

But all is fair in love and war.

Cutting ties with a woman scorned is never easy.

What I Say

I would like to thank author Kim Black for a copy of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review.

We catch up with Emily and Julien just after Emily has been involved in a serious car accident. Julien is devastated and spends all his time by her bedside, with Emilys friends Suzie and Diana. Adam her ex is also there, as Emily was on the way to see him when the accident happened…

Would Emily remember everything that had happened before the accident? Who would Emily choose? Her first love Adam or Julien who sends her pulse racing at just a look. Would she make the right decision?

You couldn’t hate Adam as he was a nice guy who had been affected by someone else’s lies that had destroyed his relationship with Emily, I was annoyed at him that he didn’t fight for her in the first place. I can see as the series continues there are going to be far more twists and turns.

Julien I loved in the first book and the fact he spent so much time at Emilys bedside is so endearing, Emily changed who he was in the first book and it certainly was for the better.

Emily and Julien also have to contend with Julien’s wife, it was a marriage of convenience as far as Julien is concerned but Charlette doesn’t see it that way, especially when Julien asks for a divorce.

The story is far from an easy ride for either Emily or Julien, it was totally different than I was expecting, not as steamy as the first book, but it did have its moments. The chemistry between Emily and Julien sizzled off the page and kept you reading, as this is a second book in a series it can not be read as a standalone you have to read the first book. I am now eagerly awaiting book three.

5 out of 5 stars

Jo xx

About The Author

Kim was born and raised in the great state of New York.

She has always believed that one day she would become an author. She enjoyed reading and writing all of her life and had always felt that it was somewhat of a calling for her. At age 28, she had no idea that she would become an Erotic Romance Author, mostly because she just got into reading Romances and instantly fell in love with the genre.

Kim enjoys the passions of love and believe that there is no greater feeling than the initial jilt we get when we first meet that right person. Wanting to provide romance readers with stories that they can feel and get lost in, Kim decided in September 2013 to become a published author. Her first debut novel is “DISCOVERED” which will be apart of “The Cover Series,” debuted on December 28th 2013

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