Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Bye For Now, See You on the Other Side!

Hi All

You all know I don't do personal posts, think this has only ever happened once on my blog.  

I have something I have been mulling over for some time and I have now decided to take a break from blogging for a while.  Initially, I only plan to be away until the summer but who knows what will happen.

Since I started blogging the book blogging world has changed with some bloggers  in it for the free books, that' their choice we all live in a free world.  I've also noticed that some are in it to promote themselves and raise their profile, not for the love of books.  The more I see makes me cringe and increasingly I'm finding their attitudes annoying and need to take a step back from this.

Since my mum passed away in July 2015 I've struggled finding comfort in the one place I thought I would, in the wonderful books I've always loved.  I find myself getting distracted within a few pages and I have to stress this is me and not the books themselves.  Also, I have struggled getting into a book and the books that would keep me up till 3am have been very few and far between.  I still love books just don't at the moment feel like picking one up and reading it.  This became clear to me on holiday in Mexico where normally in eleven days I would have read at least six books, I didn't even start one.

I also have ongoing health issues, I'm known for being around facebook at silly o'clock down to my sleep apnoea but recently I have also been diagnosed with osteoarthritis.  Add these on top of my two jobs and something has to give, I'm not going to moan as it is my choice to work two jobs.

Some of you will know I have been trying for a while to write my first novel and it's time I gave it my full attention having been accepted on the Romance Authors New Writers Scheme in 2016, I plan to sign up again in 2017 and at some point become a published author.  On my very few days off I would spend either reading or updating my blog and think my time would be better spent writing even if I did this with a pen and paper.  The hardest thing in the world is to want to open up a laptop when you have been sat at a PC six days a week working fifty-two hours, 

I will try to fulfill all my blogging commitments between now and the New Year and once I start reading again will hopefully catch up on the backlog and have loads of wonderful reviews to post.  I will still be around on Twitter and Facebook and will re-tweet when I can.



  1. Writing is very healing and you are doing the right thing. All credit to you, for sitting back and thinking about what will make you feel good. Hugs, L xxxx