Review Policy

Sorry due to work commitments and an already huge TBR pile, I am not currently accepting review requests. I will update in the near future, thanks for your understanding.

As well as reviewing books I purchase, I am interested in receiving books for review from authors and publishers.  I am happy to receive finished copies, ARC format and e-books.  I am also happy to receive self-published authors.

As I am very much a mood reader I reserve the right to read a review book as and when my mood takes me.  However, if you would like a book reviewed by a certain date please let me know (I will try to review by a certain date of receiving a book/ARC, depending on work commitments, but it is not guaranteed).

My reviews are posted on my blog, social networking sites, Amazon and Goodreads.  I add links to publishers, authors and any relevant websites in my blog posts.

My review will be subjective but I will give an honest opinion and I rate accordingly on the above websites.

I have an eclectic taste and read a wide range of genres, I primarily read Chicklit, romance, historical romance, fantasy, dystopian, paranormal, YA/NA, thrillers, biographies and historical.   Please take a look at my blog posts to see the genres I have reviewed to date.

Requesting a review does not  guarantee a review and please include the blurb and cover of the book.  Also any other information you would like me to include in my review.

I will not sell on an ARC or proof copies and I am happy for my reviews to be linked by the author but copyright belongs to me.

I reserve the right to alter any post as I wish to.