Monday, 3 February 2014

Forever - Angels Amongst Us Book 3 by Linn B Halton

I would like to thank the author Linn B Halton for sending me a copy of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review.

What They Say:

Ceri isn’t meant to fall in love, as she is here for one purpose only. Alex is supposed to cross her path briefly and give her the confidence to move on and fulfil her destiny. It’s meant to be a turning point for them both—but in opposite directions. 

Ethan Morris, a well-respected medium, gave Alex a warning after receiving a message for him from the other side. Ceri receives her own warning when it’s made very plain to her that she is responsible for her own actions and will have to put right anything she changes in error. Alex begs Ceri to meet with Ethan, but she refuses to believe what he has to say and manages to convince Alex that he could be wrong. Psychic medium Mark Kessler becomes Ceri’s spiritual mentor. Her confidence begins to grow as she gains an awareness of her work on both planes of existence, something that can only be granted to an angel.

As Ceri and Alex cling to their relationship things begin to unravel and, at their engagement party, Alex’s past catches up with him. At the same time Ceri faces the stark reality that fate cannot be cheated...

What I Say:

I have read the previous 2 books in the series and was so excited to receive this, even opening my emails whilst on holiday in Cyprus, thanks Linn you made my holiday.

The book starts where the previous book left off, just after Ceri and Alex's broken engagement.  I really felt for both of them as they are deeply in love but their destiny should have been so different, they should never have fallen in love.  Ceri is trying to atone for her mistake by breaking up with Alex, trying to give him the chance at the destiny he should of had.

The book follows them both switching between Ceri and Alex as they try to move on and make the best of the situation, you really feel for both of them with Linn's words. Alex's emails were so sad and my heart went out to him. Add that to the fact they both try to move on with different partners this gives you a will they won't they situation that keeps you gripped.

Ceri's brother is back and doing his best to support Alex through his misery.  Ceri's best friend Sheena is finally finding happiness. 

I loved the book and can see how Linn could write two endings, I won't give away then ending as it would spoil the book for anyone else, go along and buy the series. 

The reviews to the previous 2 books are also on my blog.

5 out of 5 stars 



  1. Waves, Jo, and happy Monday! I can imagine you in Cyprus enjoying the sunshine and turning the pages on your reader. So thrilled you enjoyed Forever, however I think there has to be part 4. I'm curious about what happened AFTER 'The End' and think Ceri and Alex might only have been starting their adventure. Thanks for a fab review. Lxx

    1. Made my holiday, thanks. Ooh can't wait til the next adventure for Ceri and Alex. xx

  2. I'll let you know when it's written ... have another book to complete first ha! ha!