Friday, 18 July 2014

Books and Holidays Special Guest Post by Erin McEwan

Today I would like to welcome Erin McEwen with her Books and Holidays post.

If there is one thing I love more than reading, it's being on holiday. I wish I could spend as much time on holiday as I do reading!

This year I'm going to Florida, I might even be there already when this post goes live but I can guarantee that whenever this post is live, I will be reading!

Whenever we would go away anywhere when I was younger I would always be in a pickle about which books to take with me and would inevitable take a whole pile of them with me, I remember one year that I took 8 books for a week long holiday when I was 14 and I still had to buy more!

For the past couple of years I've had a kindle and have really felt the benefit of having unlimited access to as many books as I can read! 

There are a few books that remind me of being on holiday. 

The first one is Love is on the Air by Jane Moore.

 I read this when I was on a cruise 3 years ago and I remember being really glad that I had taken it with me. 

Another book that reminds me of being on holiday is the fantastic book by Paige Toon; The Longest Holiday.

The reason that The Longest Holiday really resonates with me is it's setting. It's set in Key West which is the most southern of the Florida Keys and it is a place we will be visiting when we are in Florida this year. I loved the laid back attitude to life and the detail Paige included in the description of the location in the book really transported me back there!

Reading and holidays both say relaxation to me, so it's no wonder I really love both of them together!


Thank you for a wonderful post.

Jo xx

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