Friday, 5 December 2014

The Christmas Grandma Ran Away from Home by Nancy Warren

What They Say:

For every woman who's ever felt overwhelmed and under-appreciated at Christmas comes the story of a decent woman, a widowed grandmother, respected matriarch of a big, noisy family who snaps one holiday season and decides to run away for the holidays. Little does she realize what adventures are in store.

Long time widow Sandy Forbes is breaking out this Christmas. In her 71 years on earth she has stuffed and cooked 55 Christmas turkeys, baked hundreds of pies, turned out thousands of shortbread cookies and hoisted enough pine trees in her living room to reforest the Amazon.

Her family love her. They come to her for every occasion, eating, drinking, squabbling and then leaving her with a mass of dishes and crumpled holiday wrap. But this is the year everything changes. When she wants someone else to take over for one year, the family lays a big guilt trip on her and Grandma rebels. Sandy’s giving herself a gift this Christmas. She’s running away from home for the holidays.

What I Say:

I spotted this book on amazon and loved the look of the cover and so it fell into my kindle.

Sandy is a 71 year old grandma who is feeling pretty unappreciated, after a disasterous thanksgiving she decides that is someone else's turn to cook Christmas Dinner.  

Her family are pretty selfish and instead if offering the lighten her load the try to make her feel guilty.  This hardens Sandys resolve and what started as her just wanting someone to cook for her ends up with her telling her family she is going away.

I liked Sandy as a main character and really did feel sorry for her when her family tried to make her feel guilty and can understand why she decides to go away.  

I loved Sandys antics on her travels and was cheering her on when she made a stand after so many years of looking after her family.  She may even have found love in her old age who knows?

This is a really sweet, heartwarming,feel good read that basically tells us all to look after our elderly relatives instead of taking them for granted.  It's also shows there maybe love for us all in our old age and not all stories need to be about twenty something size ten heroines.

About The Author

Nancy Warren is the USA Today bestselling author of more than fifty novels.

She’s known for writing funny, sexy and suspenseful tales. She calls Vancouver, Canada home though she tends to wander. She’s an avid hiker, animal lover, wine drinker and chocolate fiend. Favorite moments in her career include being featured on the front page of the New York Times when she launched Harlequin’s NASCAR series with Speed Dating. She was also the answer to a crossword puzzle clue in Canada’s National Post newspaper. She’s been a double finalist in the Rita awards and has won the Reviewer’s Choice Award from Romantic Times magazine.

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