Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Indestructible (Book 1 Indestructible Trilogy) by Emma L. Adams

Indestructible, the first in an exciting new YA post-apocalyptic trilogy.

Two years ago, the fiends invaded, with a devastating explosion that split the world in two. Even now, energy blasts strike without warning, destroying everything in their paths. The fiends hunt anyone unlucky enough to escape.

My name is Leah. An energy blast killed my group. It should have killed me, too. Instead, I woke up alone in the wilderness, stalked by the fiends.

My only hope is the red-cloaked strangers who call themselves the Pyros. They can do the impossible and make flames shoot from their hands. Right now, my one chance for safety -- and revenge -- is with them.

But they’re keeping secrets from me. Like those skeletons hidden under their base. And the reasons I developed a psychic link with someone who can’t stand the sight of me -- after he saved my life.

If I don’t uncover the truth about why the world ended the first time, my new safe haven might go up in smoke…

Indestructible is the first in a YA post-apocalyptic superhero-fantasy trilogy.

I would like to thank Author Emma Adams for sending me a copy of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review.

When we first meet Leah she has lost all her family and friends but doesn't know why she survived the blasts that killed everyone else who was with her.

Leah meets the mysterious Cas and Nolan, where she begins to descover more about herself and the fiends that now roam the earth.

I found the story totally engaging especially as it was set in UK but a very different UK to what I would know now.  I couldn't help liking Leah she had been through so much but still determined to fight.

Cas what can I say about him he was moody and at times mean especially to Leah, which was hard to understand until I found out what he had been through.

I loved how Emma weaved and twisted the story along Leah's journey and her discoveries.  There were twists and turns every where, some I expected and others I did.  

I can see this series rivalling The Hunger Games or The Divergent books as YA/Dystopian fan favourites.  This could easily step across the divide to adult fantasy books.

Eagerly awaiting book two in the series as I want to know what happens to Leah and Cas.

Emma is the author of various fantasy novels, including the universe-hopping urban fantasy Alliance series and the YA paranormal Darkworld series.

Emma spent her childhood creating imaginary worlds to compensate for a disappointingly average reality, so it was probably inevitable that she ended up writing speculative fiction with magic and monsters. She lives in the middle of England, but dreams of exploring the Multiverse. When she's not immersed in her own fictional worlds, Emma works as a freelance editor and proofreader and reads an improbable number of books.

Visit www.emmaladams.com to find out more about Emma's books, or subscribe to her newsletter (smarturl.it/ELAnewsletter) to get a free Alliance short story and monthly updates on upcoming releases.

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