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Take Cover (The Cover Series Book Three) By Kim Black

Take Cover Ebook Cover

What They Say:

After walking away from both Adam and Julien, Emily Roberts' only focus is Charlette. Knowing that Charlette stands in the way of her future with Julien, she will stop to nothing to remove her from her life... permanently! Will her tunnel-vision give her all that she is yearning for or will she have made the biggest mistake of her life... leaving Julien exposed to the likes of Charlette... It all ends here... Note: This book is the third part of The Cover Series and is designed to be read in order. This book contains erotic content and is not suitable for readers under the age of 18.

What I Say:

I would like to thank author Kim Black for sending me a copy of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review.

I have previously read the first two books in this series and couldn't wait to get started on this.

Emily has walked away from both Adam and Julien, she is determined to get even with Charlette get her out of their lives once and for all.

I loved the story of Emily working with Julien’s brother Shane and would like to see more of him in a story of his own.

Julien at times I wanted to punch and scream at him to fight for what he wanted.
I also found myself feeling sorry in some ways for Charlette, as with this books Kim showed us a different side to her and how vulnerable she is at times.  Her mistake is falling in love with a man that doesn't love her.

The book is erotic in parts but this only adds to the story and the tension. 

I hope to read more from Kim in the near future.

About The Author

Kim Black is the author of four independently published books, two of which reached Amazon Bestseller Status in Women’s Fiction and Romantic Suspense.
She is newly engaged to a wonderful man and is working on planning her wedding. She currently resides in Bronx, NY but is a true Brooklyn girl. You can take the girl out of Brooklyn... you know...

Kim holds a Degree in Graphic Design and Animation but have always enjoyed writing. From the time she picked up her first book in a 6th grade school library, I fell in love with the idea of getting lost in another world and wants to provide that for her readers. Since that day, she began writing short stories and poems. It wasn't until last year that she decided to take a chance at self-publishing an erotic romance series and thankfully I have been fortunate enough to have gained a fan base.

THE COVER SERIES is an erotic romance series, including Discovered (published December 2013), Cover Up (published May 2014), and Take Cover (published December 2014). She also has a novella titled Uncovered Scars (published November 2014), which is book one of The Restoration Trilogy, a spin-off series from The Cover Series.

She has had the privilege of taking part of a Best Selling Anthology, Playing with Fire: Twelve Romantic Suspense Novels that Sparked Bestselling Series (published November 2014). 

While her currently published books have all been erotic romance, they have all provided her readers angst and suspense and were never predicable. She is very much interested in publishing more suspenseful novels in the future. ♥

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