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Tastes Like Winter by CeCe Carroll

Genre: Young Adult
Publication Date: September 16th, 2014

What They Say:

When home no longer feels like home - where can you go?

When your best friend won’t listen - who can you turn to?

When love makes you feel weak - how do you protect your heart?

With constant fighting at home, Emma decides working at High Street Books and practicing avoidance is the best method to save her from more heartache.

She doesn’t expect to meet Jake, the shop owner’s nephew, who makes her stomach do crazy things.

But Jake is intent on pushing her away, and Emma must ask herself:  Is he scared? Or is he hiding something?

Tastes Like Winter is a story of love, family, and friendship and, when everything is uncertain, trying to figure out where you fit in.

What I Say:

I would like to thank author CeCe Carroll for sending me a copy of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review.

When I saw this cover I was intrigued at what the book was about it really is beautiful.

We meet Emma as she is struggling to cope with being in the battlefield that has become home, her friend Genna although she encourages Emma to talk doesn't really listen to her and is more interested in her own worries, as all teenagers are, despite her saying she was there for Emma she didn't really understand.

Emma decides the best course is to avoid her parents as much as possible by working part time in a book shop, whop a book shop in a book I love this. This is where Emma meets Jake. Jake and Emma become close with books being a big part of their relationship, but Jake keeps trying to push Emma away.

I liked Emma and really sympathised with her situation, but I did find the story hard going to start with.  I decided to stick with it after reading the final chapter (sorry but this helps me to decide whether to carry on with a book and it worked with this).

I think if you love YA books then you will love this, it's not the best I have read but that's up against some stiff competition. What I will say is it's a great debut and I'm sure CeCe's books will get better and better (look at JK Rowlings Harry Potter series they got better with every book). 

The reason I'm only giving this a 3 1/2 out of 5 stars is it was slow to get off with and almost had me giving up, but I'm glad I stayed with it as it turned in to a lovely sweet debut from CeCe.

About the Author:

CeCe began writing as an escape from her days as a corporate slave laborer. She grew up splitting her time between the beautiful beaches of New Jersey and the bustling city of New York. Currently, she lives in Massachusetts with her super handsome and talented husband and two adorable, but often-sassy cats. CeCe gets excited easily, mostly about travelling, food, and of course, her first love: books.

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