Friday, 12 September 2014

Guest Post Books and Holidays by Kirsty Maclennan

Today I have the lovely Kirsty with her books and holiday post

Holidays and books are two of my favourite things, throw in a cocktail or two and you have my version of a Julie Andrews song,

The truth is that I love going on holiday but sadly like many people my finances don't allow me to get away as often as I like (every month would be nice), so this is when I turn to my other love! 

Books are pure escapism and through them, the pages and words I am able to travel the world.

I've seen some incredible places through the depths of a book and my imagination.

I've flown to Australia for a wedding, visited San Francisco and ignited my passion for cooking, ran away to New York, had French Lessons in Paris, visited Bali after the bombings and fell in love whilst in Venice.
For every book that captivates my mind and whisks me away to pastures new, I add a new destination to places I long to see.

Which is why I believe that my love of books and travel go hand in hand.

Where books can take you anywhere in the world, places can ignite a memory, capture a setting and burrow deep within your heart. 

For me, my life will always be at it's best when I have my passport in hand, a book in my bag.

Travel for the heart and books for the soul, my favourite pairing!

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