Monday, 29 September 2014

Guest Post Book Boyfriends/Hot Men in books by Zara Stoneley

For my blogaversary I asked the question, Who is your Book Boyfriend/Hot Men in Books? I have some wonderful guest, today Zara talks about her Hot Man in a book.

Hot men, phew… where to start?

Thanks so much for inviting me over, Jo, to talk about one of my favourite topics!

So, firstly I have to admit that I’ve spent a lot of time with hot men. At times they’ve kept me awake into the early hours, had me up all night, until I’ve fallen asleep exhausted but satisfied, with a secret smile on my face. Or at other times I’ve buried my head in the pillow with a frustrated groan and a desire that has more to do with throttling them than flirting.

Because hot men can mean trouble. A hot man (for me) has to have more than come to bed eyes, and a gorgeous body, he’s got to be a bit tricky too. I mean it’s no fun if life is boring and every man is a pushover, is it? A hot man has a sharp brain, a wicked sense of humour, he can make me laugh, he can surprise me.

So when I dream up (literally) the hot men in my books, they usually end up leading me and my ladiesa bit of a dance. Because working them out isn’t always easy.

The problem is I want you to love them as much as I do, to understand them, because they are truly hot men. But I don’t want you to take them for granted. These men aren’t just poster boys, they’re real – which is what makes them hot. A hot man is more than a one night stand, a hot man keeps you turning the pages until you know everything about them. A hot man lingers in the back of your mind. They have a good side and a bad, they can be heaven and hell. And I love each and every one of mine.

Take Rory (yes, please) in Stable Mates. He has the physique of a true sportsman (hot) – and he has his shirt off often enough for us all to appreciate the fact. But he’s a bit of a flirt. And he forgets to tell his girl that she’s as important to him as she is, because, well he just assumes she realizes.

So if you’re out with Rory, what makes you stay to find out more?

He’s supping beers and telling jokes to the crowd, and you’re just not getting any real ‘us’ time, and sometimes you just feel like the skivvy and maybe not that important to him. Until he throws a wink or a cheeky grin your way. Until he cuddles one of the dogs, and gazes at you over the top of its head with those puppy dog eyes.

And he can make you laugh, into bed (or into the hay loft). And when he’s staggering about, with one leg stuck in his jeans you know he’s the one for you. Because he doesn’t look ridiculous, he looks irresistible.

Until next day when he forgets you were supposed to be doing something together. But then he explains he got distracted by stray kittens that needed rescuing, and plans a midnight picnic under the stars – just the two of you, and a bottle of wine. And he knows just how to make you feel special, and knows the exact spot to kiss you so that it sends goose bumps down your whole body.

He’s hot because he’s strong enough to throw you over his shoulder, determined enough to always go for the win, prepared to sacrifice everything for you… and do it all with a cheeky grin and a wink. Yes, sometimes he needs a mega big push rather than a subtle hint, but he’s hot enough to forgive… Win Rory’s heart and I reckon he’s a keeper. The one who’d move heaven and earth to protect you, the manthat would always be there when you really needed him… and that is damned sexy and hot!

I can’t finish without mentioning one more hot man in my life at the moment. Mick. Well Mick makes my heart race in an altogether different way. (Although there is a reason why he’s introduced with his shirt off – if you’ve not yet met a farrier, go search one out!)

He’s the strong silent type, but with a wicked sense of humour. He’s not for the faint hearted, but he is justso sexy, so hot. Mick smoulders. Mick has ‘come to bed’ eyes rather than puppy dog ones, and he has that Irish brogue that makes a girls knees wobble. But he’s smart, deep, and an altogether different kind of challenge to Rory. But I do like a challenge… andintense can be sizzling hot…But that’s another story!

The Stable Mates men were featured on the HarperImpulse blog recently – so if you want to see just how I picture them, pop over and then let me know if you agree

Some men are drool worthy, but to be really hot? Well that’s special. That extra little something inside and out that makes you melt when they look your way, and forgive those little imperfections… I guess as beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so is hot… except hot is in the mind as well!

Thank you for your post Zara!

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  1. Great post! Who is that hunk in the water? I must pintrest the hell out of him... x

  2. That is sexy Italian Alessandro Terrin! Definitely hot!! X