Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Guest Post Book Boyfriends/Hot Men in Books by Victoria Walters

For my blogaversary I asked the question, Who is your Book Boyfriend/Hot Men in Books?  I have some great responses, today Victoria talks about her Book Boyfriend.

My book boyfriend ...

Is Mr Darcy from Pride and Prejudice. I first read this book in my teens after watching the BBC series. How can you watch Colin Firth step out of the lake in that white shirt and not swoon?! But the book for me instantly became my favourite book and it still is. 

Mr Darcy is proud and downright rude at the start blinded by society expectations and his privileged upbringing, he is unable to forgive himself for falling for Elizabeth or her for making him fall in love. I love the turnaround in his character, love brings out the best in him eventually as he realises he will have to fight to win her love. He shows his true character - he is kind, loyal and generous as well as being tall, dark and handsome. Plus he's not short of a penny or two and lives in a pretty decent house :) 

Mostly though I love him for following his heart despite all the obstacles he and Elizabeth face along the way, the biggest being themselves, and making sure he's the best man he can be for the woman he has loved for so long.

And here's that lake picture for your viewing pleasure :)



Thanks you Victoria!

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