Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Trying Too Hard by Molly Ann Wishlade

What They Say:

What's the French word for lust...? 

Hired as an intern at a coveted talent agency, blonde bubbly Catrin Owens knew she could be brilliant at the job. The code of conduct is crystal clear - business is business, pleasure is pleasure...and the two should never, ever meet! No problem for Catrin - she's hardworking, and determined to excel. Until, that is, she meets the 6 ft-something wall of lean muscle that is her boss' top client... Scarred, and brimming with forbidden sex appeal, the French rugby star Henri Chevallier crashes through the walls of Catrin's neatly-ordered life - and throws her polished professionalism aside like a scrap of sheer French lingerie! The sex is fierce, exhilarating...life-changing - and almost all the more exciting as she knows she's risking the career she dreamed of. Catrin knows she should step away. The problem? Henri is a temptation she can't seem to resist...

What I Say:

I would like to thank the author Molly Ann Wishlade and Carina for approving me to read this via NetGalley in exchange for a fair and honest review.

I've had this in my TBR pile for months and not had chance to read it, why did I wait so long.

The story is about Catrin the career women who is an aspiring agent until she meets the charismatic Henri.  Henri is a French Rugby Player who is in Wales looking at whether to play for Wales (his mother was Welsh).  Catrin is expected to look after him by her boss the slimey Liam.

This is a short fun novella and I couldn't help but like Catrin, she does what she needs to do to survive despite thinking she wasn't loved by her mother, as much as she tries to keep Henri at a distance she is drawn to him.

The book is steamy fun that has a hot rugby player in it, what more could I want?  I love that I have found a book that ha a rugby player even if it is the wrong code, my love of rugby league comes out often.  It is fast paced, a little too fast paced at times as I would love this to have been a full length novel.

About The Author

Molly Ann Wishlade has always been an avid reader and writer of stories. Her lifetime of reading has taken her from the magical worlds of The Faraway Tree and The Borrowers, to the Greek myths and legends, to Sweet Valley High and Judy Blume’s Forever, to Asimov’s science fiction, Jane Eyre’s torment and Stephen King’s masterpieces. 

More recently she has wandered through the vivid historicals of Philippa Gregory; the bubbly, gritty delights of Adele Parks and the fast paced thrillers of James Patterson. She loves getting lost in a novel and often regrets finishing one as the characters are usually missed like old friends. She regularly indulges her insatiable hunger for romance and passion in the delicious worlds created by romantic novelists and is working on several novels herself.

What precious spare time she has is spent with her family (one gorgeous husband and two bright and beautiful children), taking long walks around the beautiful Welsh countryside (although she’s still waiting for the rescue greyhound she wants to accompany her), cooking her own secret recipe curries, drinking Earl Grey (in copious amounts) and discovering delicious wines. Oh, and she also loves to ski.

She wants to take readers on the rollercoaster that is life through the creation of her own characters, relationships and worlds.

She appreciates feedback, recipes and wine recommendations.


  1. Got to read this. Not often get books based in wales :)

    1. Thank you fore reading Tanya xx I loved that it was set in Wales and that it had rugby in it, a refreshing change! xx

  2. Well ladies, Wales is a beautiful place! (Although a lot of my books are set in the Wild West.) ;-) I also named Catrin after one of my best friend's daughters, although I hope she doesn't become quite as 'saucy' as Catrin in 'Trying Too Hard'! Lol! Thank you for a gorgeous review, Jo. Love and hugs! Molly xxx