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Guest Post Book Boyfriends/Hot Men in books by Aven Ellis

For my blogaversary I asked the question, Who is your Book Boyfriend/Hot Men in Books? I received lots of wonderful posts, today Aven talks about writing a hot hero and as you've already seen from other posts we all love Aven's heros!

Writing the Hot Hero

So when Jo asked me to do a guest post on Writing The Hot Hero,  I immediately knew I wanted to do it. First, because I’d do anything for Jo because I love her, but hello, an opportunity to expound on hot men?  I’m so IN.

love creating my men, and I make sure they are all unique in their own way. William Cumberland, the badass mogul in Connectivity, is brilliant, doesn’t suffer foolsand is quick thinking.  Harrison Flynn, the hockey God in Waiting for Prince Harry, is fascinated with human interaction and how the mind works. Deacon Ryan, the videographer in Chronicles of a Lincoln Park Fashionistais reserved, content to blend into the background, yet is compassionate  and thoughtful.
Now, let’s talk about how they look, shall we? Again, I purposefully make them all different.  William is British with a swimmer’s build and has jet-black hair. Harrison has the body of a hockey warrior and is a ginger. Deacon is rugged handsome,with tanned skin and blondish-brown hair.

So you can see here, you have three very different men in William, Harrison, and Deacon.

But what do they all have in common, the one thread in all my books that makes the guys so hot?

They all respect women.

And really, this is what I think makes my heroes so sexy. They get to know the heroines.  They know when to kiss the woman for the first time. My men like spending time with the women, and not just in the bedroom.  But when they are in the bedroom,they’re very attentive to the needs of the heroines ...WHEW!

So to me, a sexy man is a respectful, attentive man. These are the men I find hot, and that is exactly who I will continue to write. So what men can you expect in my upcoming releases? In February, you’ll be introduced to translator Jack Chelten, who brings a whole new layer of soulful sexiness to the boy-next-door in Surviving The Rachel. And then we have Jo’s favorite, Nate Johansson, hockey teammate of Harrison Flynn in the next Dallas Demons book. And in Nate’s case, the very good boy can have a sexy bad boy tattoo sleeve.

What’s do I have planned for men beyond Nate? I’m not saying, but I promise two things: he’ll be respectful...and sexy.

Thank you Aven, love you and yes Nate is my favourite.

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